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GLBasic - en / console program - on exit?
« on: 2019-Dec-02 »
GLB_ON_QUIT does not seem to fire with a console program. How can I make something happen when the window is closed or ctrl+c is pressed?

GLBasic - en / Older version download
« on: 2017-Jun-24 »
Hey guys! (I'm still alive!) I have a request. I tried downloading GLBasic Version 9 to try compiling a game for my PowerPC Mac (G5, OSX Leopard 10.5.8) and found:

Which appears to link to V9 that was the last to have PPC Mac compiler working. Can anyone link me to that SDK please? I'd really appreciate it.

Code Snippets / Blobomon 0.77 SOURCE CODE!
« on: 2015-Jun-12 »

I've been promoted to full time and don't have time to work on this right now. Here's the FULL source to my pokemon-like project Blobomon, including the C# code for the editors, using VS 2013 and .NET 4.5. The full source is many modules and takes a looong time to compile. Let me know if you have any questions! It includes Android Extras and compiles and works on Android fine. To test android-mode in windows, add "#DEFINE ANDROID" to the top of the main project source and it'll be touch-screen compatible.

GLBasic - en / android extras
« on: 2015-Apr-10 »
So what's the deal with the alternative sound API for androidextras? I've gotten it working, and it's great because it plays instantly, no horrible sound latency like with PLAYSOUND. But it only has four TOTAL SOUNDS... and you have to unload them and reload them to play another different sound. I tried making a system that unloads a sound and loads a new one every time it plays, but EVEN with unloading to free memory, it eventually crashes. Is there a way to load all my sounds at the beginning, and play them either by name or ID without having only 4?

GLBasic - en / Including C headers/libraries
« on: 2015-Apr-06 »
Can I use header files and just use C source files with my game? In particular, I want to support a large array of music formats in my game. The FMOD DLL included with the examples folder does not play MOD files accurately... there's no echo, and it sounds pretty lame compared to an actual mod/xm/it player. Erico stated that GLBasic supports MOD/IT 'out of the box' but PLAYMUSIC is doing nothing with those... I don't know if I'm doing it wrong. Anyway, is it possible to statically link FMOD or something similar? I just want to be able to have my game play tracker music. as it is, it's using the examples-folder fmod 3.75 dll but the sound quality is just off. Help?

<<<! Check newest post for latest version!>>>

My pokemon-like game with my very own little blue blob we've seen a few times on here before! This is version 0.5. I've been working on it for about 2 weeks now.

Arrow keys = move
Z = cancel
X = accept
1-5 = zoom window
Return/Enter = Menu
F1-F5 = debug options

Catch Blobomon and raise them as your very own. They level up, learn moves, and gain stats! You go from town to town and fight trainers and leaders, and collect them all! Right now there's no real "content" besides the main little town and Route 1. It's mostly just to debug battles and events. Give it a go if you get bored! BE WARNED: it might take a monster rig to run  :nana:

Jokes aside, it runs in 160x144. Yup. 160 x 144. That's the original Gameboy resolution! It can zoom to several different sized windows, however. It also runs at 30 FPS, so most machines will run the game properly. Pressing "1" to see it in its original format is pretty funny. I plan to make this into an Android mobile game with a Gameboy on-screen controller.


Let me know what you think! Keep in mind, most things are placeholders.

GLBasic - en / OpenGL incompatibility?
« on: 2015-Mar-28 »
I'm working on a side project that works fine on my PC and just the same on all of my other friends' PCs. One particular friend complains that some scenes where "createscreen" and "use screen" are employed show up as just black screens entirely for him. Are there some graphics cards that just can't handle it???

< Read latest post for changes. Download link is current on this post now :) >

Everyone's favorite wolf is back! What do we have this time? Remember my little animated GIF demos of an NES smash-bros-style game? Well it's not forgotten! Uber Bash Bros is now playable and quite fun! Up to four players can play.

28+ characters and 15+ stages complete so far. Stage editor fully functional. All characters are playable and they're all unique - many work in ways that wouldn't be directly obvious, so if you have any questions just ask.

LIMITATIONS: This is really just a silly thing for my friends and I to play, but I am sharing it with you all. As such, a few things are hard-coded for my setup

Screen is hard-coded to 1280x720 (720P standard HD.) That's going to look and work fine on 99% of all modern widescreen monitors and HDTVs.

HOW TO PLAY: All players select a character, then press start. Player 1 now picks a stage. Once the stage is selected, all players vote on "original" or "remixed" music for the stage (All stages have their own soundtracks and remixes!) And the match begins. The object is not quite like Smash Bros. You ARE trying to be the last one standing, but the idea isn't just to knock people around. Everyone has 200 HP, and you want to reduce that to 0 via your skills and abilities. All characters have their own unique abilities and projectiles that deal damage or have other effects. Everyone also has unique ways of defending themselves. Some characters are just bulky tanks with high defense so they don't take much damage, but are usually limited heavily in mobility and/or damage. Others are massively fast, but usually weak. Many are well-rounded. There are several random events that happen occasionally to mix things up a bit. These events are map-wide and often have devastating effects. Every attack has a small (~1%) chance to critical-hit, which will double the damage dealt.


Current version 0.77a. Read latest post for changes.

Yes! It can happen! Ever wondered if a Goomba could kick the living snot out of one of those fish-folk from Castlevania? Wanted to watch a Shyguy kill Lakitu? Or maybe you just needed to know if that old woman from Zelda II had some tricks up her sleeves... there's Uber Bash Brothers for that! My little side-project I've been working on for some time now has come to a point where it's playable and fun. The code of the game is 100% finished, I just need to fill the character roster to the max. As it is, there are 21 fully playable characters and 7 unique maps. Every character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Please see attached screenshots! I wasn't going to "go public" with this one, because I made it for a special surprise at an upcoming family Christmas party, but I'll at least upload screenshots for now and then make the game available once I have finished my planned 50+ characters and all of the maps!

4 players maximum via game controllers
Music vote system: each map can have original or OcRemix(tm) music!
Map vote system
Diverse moves and a "special bar" system to limit powerful moves etc
Real-time physics and gravity effects
Easy map editing
Full projectile / particle system, up to 10,000 effects at 60FPS on my low-end computer
Original sound effects and sprites from games

Note: This game has a unique twist - no heroes! Notice there's no Mario? No Megaman? It's entirely the underlings and enemies of games, making it very unique.

GLBasic - en / Windows 8.1
« on: 2013-Oct-19 »
I never thought I'd be posting this but... well. Windows 8.1 isn't half bad. It has options to turn off all the nasty mobile app $!#*, it boots straight to the desktop, no "start screen," and best of all, there's a START BUTTON. (I've modified it to actually have a menu though. normally it brings you to the horrid barney the dinosaur themed full-screen tile hell.) For some reason compile time is quicker in both GLB and C# than on 8.0, and my game no longer has lag spikes where it would drop to 30-40 fps for a while. I can't complain I guess! (Except for the upgrade process. It's not in Windows Update... nor is there a .iso. It's in the METRO STORE... *facepalm*) At least it was free. Image attached :)

GLBasic - en / Compile Time
« on: 2013-Oct-16 »
Now I understand this is something I likely can't change, especially on a large project - but is there anything that can slice a few seconds off of compile time? My project, to be fair, is gargantuan, and takes GLB about 25 seconds to compile.  O_O

I work a little bit on this project each day, and it's getting closer to the point where I can focus on "making the rpg" instead of "programming engines!"

What's new:
* ATB battle system with the ability to attack and kill enemies, includes victory screen / exp gain, etc
* Fully animated battlers and map characters
* FMOD audio - plays chiptunes instead of MP3s!
* Teleportation: ability to go between maps smoothly (This was actually difficult to program due to how I render the map character.)

How to play - By default, the controls are:
* Arrow keys to move
* X for accept
* Z for cancel
* Enter for start/menu

If you go to EQUIP from the menu you can swap around equipment, there's a lot to choose from! Using left/right switches what character you're equipping. Watch your HP though. Some armors decrease HP, and can leave you with less than enough to battle!!

If you delete controls.ini and restart the game you can redefine controls in the game.
Debug keys:

* S to teleport to a random safe tile (walkable)
* R to teleport to a random tile - anywhere!
* ~ (Tilde key) to auto-win battles with a funny BAN animation.
* TAB key to enable debug menu to view variables
* Backspace on map to switch leading character sprite
* PrntScrn saves a 256x224 (internal SNES resolution) screenshot to the media folder.


Please keep in mind this is just an unfinished build intended to display progress. It's not really "fun" nor does it have a goal. You can simply walk about, change equipment in the menu, use items, etc. If you find any bugs, please let me know! I whipped up the maps very quickly, so there are likely some tiles that should be solid that aren't, that's no "bug."

Note about ATB Battle System:
Some people haven't played old-school RPGs, and may not undestand what an action gauge is. The yellow bar for each character in battle fills at a rate affected by the AGI (Agility) stat. Once it reaches the full capacity, it is that character's turn. During a character or monster's turn, the gauge pauses until their action is complete. At the moment, enemies do not fight back, for testing purposes. Let me know what you think!

GLBasic - en / GENSOUND and Memory
« on: 2013-Oct-10 »
I noticed in task manager if I use GENSOUND to load and immediately play audio, the memory usage goes up and does not come down. What is the procedure for using GENSOUND to immediately play a sound, and then free the memory when it's not being played anymore??

GLBasic - en / BASS DLL
« on: 2013-Oct-06 »
Can anyone help me get bass.dll to play a tune, just a basic example? I'd appreciate it.

GLBasic - en / GLBasic 11.556 problem
« on: 2013-Oct-06 »
See attached screenshot. In the new beta, fonts are showing up with black borders, along with many other black borders around random sprites, but not all of them. Note: I use CREATESCREEN to render the game at 256x224 (Super Nintendo resolution) and then zoomsprite the created screen onto the window, if that makes any difference. 11.414 has no issues.

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