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Off Topic / Windows on an old-ish MacBook
« on: 2012-Jun-27 »
Hi all,

I tried running parallels on my MacBook (so I can use GLB) but the Mac is too old- anyone have any recommendations?

Cheers, Shawn

Hi, I am trying to build for iPad & have set 1024x768 in project settings (resolution) and then selected iPhone in 'build multiplatform'. the resolution on the iPad still comes out as if it was built for the iPhone. I have tried both ways (1024x768 and 768x1024)- the orientation changes but its still 'small'. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here- any advice appreciated! I am on GLB v10.057.

Cheers, Shawnus

GLBasic - en / Mac App Store
« on: 2011-Aug-24 »
Hi, just following on from this:

Kitty, would it please be possible to say when GLB might support publishing to the Mac App Store?

Thanks very much! Cheers, Shawnus

Hi, just a quickie, anyone tried and if so is it much better than the iPad 1? I was going to get an iPad 1 (to ensure backward compatability) but if the 2 is scorching ahead it might just be worth getting that and making the app 2 compatable only. (also the secondhand 1's are nearly as much as the 2's as far as I can see!).

Cheers, Shawnus

GLBasic - en / AR for iPhone using GLB
« on: 2011-Aug-03 »
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone would be interested in helping me to use GLB to develop something like this for the iPhone4 and iPad2 (as they have gyroscopes).

Just 3 questions:

1.   Has anyone tested 3D animation speed? I can get 30fps from a scene with 30k polygons but I have as yet been unsuccessful in animating objects.

2.   Has anyone successfully tested the gyroscope? I have seen Matchy’s last post on the ‘Compass in iPhone’ thread but don’t know if anyone has tested yet.

3.   How would the AR technology / Q code technology ‘fit in’ with GLB? what I mean is- does GLB support reading q codes?

I am happy to pay, providing the 3 issues above can be overcome (well they are issues for me anyway).

Cheers, Shawnus

Finally- I am very proud to announce 'iVCL2.0-Cardiac' is now available on the Apps store:

a big thanks to Bigsofty for laying the foundations in v1 and Futurecow for setting up new functionality and models in what will become v3, soon to be released!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, feedback and encouragement & look forward to continuing to use GLB to deliver quality apps!

Cheers, Shawnus

Hi, just about to submit my app- I need to get application loader (which I will do tonight since it seems to be bundled with the SDK at a whopping 3Gb+) but do you still have to go through the 'build for distribution' steps in Xcode to set up the binary? I cant see an 'end to end' process in Apples documentation (yet).
Cheers, Shawnus

Hi - Apologies if this has been answered (I did search the forums but was not sure if this question had been adressed).

I'd like my iPhone app to 'communicate' with my website, the objective being for the user to select and load a 3D (ddd) model from my website into my 3d scene which is on the iPhone.

The reasoning behind this is that I'd like to a) reduce the app load time and b) offer a wider and constantly updated selection of 3D models for users to interact with.

I understand that apps are 'sandboxed' (so the app cant communicate with the iPhone's hard drive (?) but I dont really know the extent of this, or even if this is correct.

Any advice appreciated!

Kind regards, Shawnus

Hi All,

Just got this error when building a 3D scene for the iPhone although it runs fine & compiles in GLB. I'm assuming its memory related- if so does anyone know what the polygon limit is for the iPhone (actually its an iPod touch)?

Cheers, Shawn

Off Topic / work offer - paid
« on: 2010-Sep-28 »
Hi all-

I have previously worked with Bigsofty to convert my VCL to the iPhone (via GLB).

I now need to introduce 3 upgrades (1, 2 and 3) to this project in order to move on to v2.

1.   Replace the current medical equipment model with a more realistic one.
2.   Introduce a new medical equipment model.
3.   Following 1 or 2, introduce iPhone accelerometer-specific new functionality.

In each case I will supply all media, the original GLB project files and a functional specification document detailing the precise changes required.

I believe that upgrade 1 is relatively straightforward and although knowledge of GLB’s ‘entity system’ is desirable (probably more so for 2 & 3) its not strictly necessary for 1 (1 is more of a ‘rip & replace’ of the current 3D model with another very similar one), although 3D knowledge would be highly beneficial.

Upgrade 2 would probably require knowledge of both GLB’s entity system and 3D modelling, as the medical equipment model’s movement range is slightly expanded.

Upgrade 3 requires introduction of iPhone specific functionality which must be both developed in GLB and tested on an iPhone. Upgrade 3 must follow on from either 1 or 2.

To preserve continuity, I’d prefer one person to take on all 3 upgrades although in reality I’d be happy to split these out. I also think this work (taken as a whole by one developer) would be an ideal project for someone who wishes to learn more about GLB & 3D and would like to break in to iPhone development as the project code is already very well documented and set up to deploy a potentially very immersive & reusable 3D environment to the iPhone.

Additionally Bigsofty has previously indicated that he may be able to provide some advice where necessary regarding queries around the current structure of the project code.

Please PM or e mail me ( in the 1st instance- I’d be happy to discuss further with anyone who might be interested.

Cheers, Shawnus

GLBasic - en / 3D load model question
« on: 2010-Sep-24 »
Hi all- this code:

   heart% = EntityLoadMesh("heart.ddd")
   skeleton% = EntityLoadMesh("skeleton.ddd")
   torso% = EntityLoadMesh("torso.ddd")
   cHead% = EntityLoadMesh("head.ddd")
   cArm% = EntityLoadMesh("arm.ddd")
   cSpin% = EntityLoadMesh("spin.ddd")
   cBody% = EntityLoadMesh("body.ddd")
   cTable% = EntityLoadMesh("table.ddd")


//   EntitySetAlpha(heart%,0.5)
//   EntitySetAlpha(torso%,0.5)
//   EntitySetAlpha(cHead%,0.5)
//   EntityEnable(cHead%,FALSE)

Loads some .ddd models, names & textures some of them, etc. Works fine. However when I change the code so that the ‘heart%’ has been assigned to a new .ddd model (ladmsh.ddd) i.e:

   heart% = EntityLoadMesh("ladmsh.ddd")
   skeleton% = EntityLoadMesh("skeleton.ddd")

The ‘ladmsh.ddd’ model does not appear and is replaced by the ‘skeleton.ddd’ model, positioned where the heart used to be. Oddly enough when I change the code again to load a non-existent model (‘ladmshhhhh.ddd’):

   heart% = EntityLoadMesh("ladmshhhhh.ddd")
   skeleton% = EntityLoadMesh("skeleton.ddd")

The same thing happens, but there is no error message (which I would expect if I tried to call up an incorrectly named mesh).
Any advice appreciated!

Wow! look:

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / uploading binary
« on: 2010-Jun-17 »
Hi All,

Having read the user guide & set aside a whole morning to do this (next tue) there is one thing I am still unsure of- which file is the 'binary'. I understand this has to be zipped & uploaded.

I am guessing that since it first has to be zipped then I must be able to identify it (unless the portal does this automatically, but then would it be automatically zipped as well as part of the process & if so then why does the guidance say I have to zip it manually 1st? Anyway...).

Looking in the 'xcode' folder I would guess its the '.app' folder, so with an exe called 'myapptitle':


so I would zip up this folder (

Apologies for asking a question on something I have yet to actually do but I dont want to fall at the 1st hurdle. I have downloaded & read the Apple documentation but cant find any reference to where exactly the 'binary' is or how to identify it.

Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Shawnus

GLBasic - en / default splash screen iphone
« on: 2010-Jun-12 »
Hi All,

Please see this thread:

I have tried following the instructions but I don't understand whether I should be doing this in GLB (as the .app directory does not seem to appear on the mac) or in xcode (however there is no Rt click on the mac so I don't understand this either).

- GLB: I have created a 'Default.png' image and put it into the .app folder (which also contains the .exe and the media folder).
- xcode: I can open up the 'resources' rolldown which then shows icon png, iphone-info plst and the media folder, but I cant Rt click anything (on the mac) & cant find an option to 'add an existing file'.

Apologies another inane query no doubt- are there any step by step instructions that someone can point me in the direction of or could someone please describe the best way to get a splash screen on my iphone app ?
Cheers, Shawnus

Apologies for the first of I imagine many iphone questions- I have compiled a project in GLB using (I believe) the correct compile settings. I have moved the xcode over to the mac & tried to open the project in xcode but get the message:'iphone xcode project cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed'.

I wonder if it would please be possible for someone to put me right or point me in the direction of any documentation that might assist?

What I have done is to take an existing project file (very kindly done for me by a member of this user community) and basically renamed the project. I did not create the project 'from scratch'.

Kind regards, Shawn

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