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GLBasic - en / iOS - CADisplayLink
« on: 2012-Feb-20 »
Hi there,

I've noticed the refresh rate is quite jerky on iPhone, which is a bit disappointing since I've been working so hard to optimize my game (running at a constant 55fps). At 55 fps it feels out of sync with the screen refresh rate.

I've done research and found 2 solutions:

1. Motion interpolation - basically, the rendering method generates intermediate frames while waiting for the (slow) logic method to progress the game state.

It looks amazingly smooth, but it makes collisions a bit sloppy and I'm not sure if I want to keep it.

2. I've found this:

CADisplayLink to manage the game loop.

My question pertains to #2 - is there any way to expose CADisplayLink to GLBasic? I'm quite versatile with programming, but I absolutely can't wrap my head around Objective-C (if you ask me, obj-c is a "wrong" programming language design), so I'm at a bit of a loss here.

The idea is that using CADisplayLink as a timer would somehow synchronize SHOWSCREEN with the iPhone's native refresh, thus eliminating jerkiness (the link above shows that it can work).

I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this out. Thanks in advance. :)

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