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Beta Tests / Re: Android - Beta SDK
« on: 2011-May-15 »
I noticed that Pandora compiling is weird now.
It still talks about running the PandoraMake script on a pandora but then does compile it anyway.
And it compiles it as "pandora-exe.pnd" instead of "projectName.pandora-exe.pnd"
It does still work though so nothing major is broken probably a piece of the older compiling script got left in.

GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSX running in Demo mode
« on: 2011-May-14 »
I just tried compiling with the latest beta version (i was trying out android support), and macosx still runs in demo mode.
I just got a mac so i'm not sure how to debug my app. Is there a way to see a log from all the glbasic stuff running behind the scenes?

GLBasic - en / Re: glbasic caanoo
« on: 2011-May-14 »
the canoo is long overdue, I know.

Sorry to dig up an older thread but now that android support is happening is Caanoo next on the list?

Beta Tests / Re: Android - Beta SDK
« on: 2011-May-14 »
Is it possible to support the hardkeys on the phone like search, back and menu?

As that would solve the porblem of no multitouch on some phones for me.
Here's a link I found on the subject:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)  {
    if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK && event.getRepeatCount() == 0) {
        // do something on back.
        return true;

    return super.onKeyDown(keyCode, event);

GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSX running in Demo mode
« on: 2011-May-11 »
I was using 9.033 but I updated to 9.040 and it still runs in demo mode.

also i've tried both macOSX x86 and macOSX universal, both had the same results.

GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSX running in Demo mode
« on: 2011-May-11 »
I tested it with a simple app just to see but it still runs in demo mode.
here's the code i used:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
PRINT "test",0,0,1
DRAWRECT 0,25,5,5,RGB(255,0,0)

GLBasic - en / MacOSX running in Demo mode
« on: 2011-May-11 »
After struggling for a while to figure out why they weren't running at all (permissions were screwed), I finally got them running but they run in demo mode for some reason.
I'm wondering if this is a bug or if it has to do wit how it displays stuff on MacOSX, because I don't have the 3D part of GLBasic. Does GLBasic need 3D even to do 2D apps on MacOSX.
Also it looks like GLBasic is only sold as a complete package now so is there a way I can upgrade my license?

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V9 is out
« on: 2011-Feb-21 »
Pandora compiling works now, thanks.

Though PLATFORMINFO$("") still returns "LINUX" instead of "PANDORA"

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V9 is out
« on: 2011-Feb-11 »
I'm getting a ton of errors when compiling on my Pandora.

They all center around fbuffers.cpp and they are all undefined references to things starting with 'gl' and ending with '0ES'
such as 'glFramebufferRenderbuffer0ES'

I don't need it anymore as I spent 3 hours building a file selection system in glbasic so I don't need to call another program anymore.
Though it might be handy to have it as an option for the future.

Beta Tests / PNDbuilder
« on: 2011-Feb-09 »
Here's a graphical .pnd file maker I made to make it easier to package games up for the pandora.
There is a Pandora version and a windows version.
Linux(x86) and MacOSX versions should be ready soon(-ish).
Your settings can be saved to .pndb files and loaded later.
In windows you can set PNDbuilder.exe as the default program for handling .pndb files.
Inside the zip file is the windows and pandora("pandora.bin") executables.

Known bugs:
windows - mkisofs.exe is converting filenames to 8.3 msdos style for some reason so you can only use squashFS
pandora - mkisofs isn't installed by default on the pandora so you can only use squashFS in the pnd version as well
pandora - when picking files the "UpOneDir" button goes too fast and can go up several directories quickly.

Here's the PND (and yes it was made with this pnd builder ;))
Here's the zip
Let me know of any bugs you find.
And if anyone is good at making icons feel free to make a new one for me.

ok thanks.
I was also wondering if the Pandora will run windowed?
I was calling another program but you can't see it if glbasic is running fullscreen and it wouldn't even let me alt-tab to it.

Has this been fixed?
I just tried it and Platforminfo$("") returns "LINUX" on my pandora
It's not a huge problem cause I can't just set it manually to "PANDORA" when I compile the pandora version of my program but I thought I'd mention that it doesn't return the right value yet.

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