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Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-12 »
Boy, i'm on the way! (Call me Mr. Complicated) :D

GLBasic - de / Re: Steam Version 16
« on: 2019-Feb-19 »
Gernot anschreiben :)

FAQ / Re: Forum Access Password
« on: 2019-Feb-16 »
Hi Dreamerman,

i post on the Steam-thread how to do it.
Also i think you do a great job here, to answer all the questions (Steam and Forum).
So i decided to give you the Global Moderator status! :)
Keep up the good work!

Hemlos, the post was 3 Years old...

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-23 »
Your post was first :P

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-22 »
more theme profiles to look like more mordern would been actuelly nice. MRPlov talked it about it in the steam keys section. Howover this is nothing im can do. Im my self allways just have used the default one and have newer changed it.

Funny, thats what i wrote in the key-thread :D

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-19 »
The wrapper starts from new, nothing to test yet :)
I can put the source on github or bitbucket if you like...

GLBasic - en / Re: NETWEBGET and HTTPS
« on: 2019-Jan-18 »
yes bigsofty

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-17 »
Hmmm... i think i did it again... the start of something... sort of wrapper thingy...  :whistle:

See attachment :)

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-17 »
BF-Framework is looking nice, but i have problems with include the headers...
Is there a way to set more includepaths like in VS?
Maybe we can create the Wrapper via DLL ?!

I'll try it later at home.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-17 »
The BF-Framework structure is a mess to implement in GLB...

Gernot can request keys, ask him!

@Schranz0r - I am glad you still use that same avatar. It has never failed to make me smile when I see it.

And will never change it! :)

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-12 »
Ohhhh hi... :D

I did a Irrlicht-Wrapper, but i guess it was deleted over the years.
It was Win only (DLL's).

GLBasic should be set more focus on HTML5, yes!
I talked with Spacefractal about it, if Gernot or Spacefractal need help, i help :)

Ps: i merged the topic to this one Snoopy :)

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