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OK, the current update (the setup with Caanoo support) has this fixed now. I hope the dependencies are "just" SDL_mixer on most systems now. A shame that ubuntu does not ship this on default.

I got my app running on MX-Linux 18.3 32 BIT, Great  :)

I have a phone with Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 (UBports), (the app did not run on this, of course it's an arm7).

Will there be a build for this environment?

The SDK available for Ubuntu Touch, since the linux build is on 8086 hardware and 32Bit, I think it would be possible to do the build on arm7 with the SDK from UBports


Thanks Mr, I figured it out in theory, waiting to get my hands on an old pc to try it out... as i don't want to mess my current config and build for .apk. The file,  build.xml, instead of building for .apk can build a .jar file using apache ant. Will post the results here,  :good: once I have it working....

Off Topic / Re: Build a .jar file from .apk?
« on: 2012-Aug-15 »
I am looking to deploy my program in .Jar format, so what can I change to build a JAR file instead of an APK?

Tried Dex2Jar, but the was not signed and packed properly, (missing META-INF folder) so used Jar utility to build back the file and signed with Jarsigner and now installs but gives a message "failed to verify", i notice it only contains .class files no media subdirectory, and contains 3 folder( com, org & META-INF). Anyone familiar with JAD/JAR executables and how to build them from GLBasic?

Off Topic / Build a .jar file from .apk?
« on: 2012-Aug-14 »
 I am wondering if there is a way to get to build a .jar file for deploying on phones from .apk file, once the program has been Build/Compiled for Android platform?

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