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Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-14 »
Use the space key to find out who is saying "Hello World" ;)

Code: GLBasic [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: CompHelloWorld

GLOBAL ok%, ntest%, pos%, line$
GLOBAL fw%, fh%

GLOBAL site$ = ""
GLOBAL page$ = "xmlhelp.php?lang=en&id=69&action=view"
GLOBAL file$ = "print.php"
GLOBAL normal_helloworld$ = "Hello World", complicated_helloworld$

        ok% = NETWEBGET(site$, "/"+page$, 80, file$)                                                                                              // Get the file ont the net
        SLEEP 2000
        INC ntest%
        IF ntest% >= 10 THEN GOTO error

ok% = OPENFILE(1, file$, TRUE)                                                                                                                            // Open the file
IF ok%
        WHILE TRUE                                                                                                                                                       // Scan the Hello World in the file
                READLINE 1, line$
                pos% = INSTR(line$, normal_helloworld$)
                complicated_helloworld$ = MID$(line$, pos%, LEN(normal_helloworld$))
                IF complicated_helloworld$ = normal_helloworld$ THEN BREAK
                IF ENDOFFILE(1)
                        CLOSEFILE 1
                        GOTO error
        CLOSEFILE 1
        GOTO error

        PRINT UCASE$(complicated_helloworld$), 0, 0                                                                                             // HELLO WORLD
        IF KEY(57) THEN PRINT "FROM " + UCASE$(site$), (LEN(complicated_helloworld$) + 1) * fw%, 0, TRUE        // FROM A SITE IN THE WORLD





Competitions / Re: Hello World - Contest
« on: 2019-Mar-13 »
 :D Funny !

Just a question, can it be complicated and short or the number of lines of code is also important?

No, but it's ok now, it was just a cloning problem with objects and I took the opportunity to ask for information on multitexturing.
But you're right, one day I will have to look at the source code.

It's a good start I think.
I look forward to see the rest.

Yes, of course, but not the coordinates of the texture, as I have said, it's a problem for the lightmapping.
In fact, I had:
- different objects.
- similar objects but with different texture coordinates.
- but also similar objects with the same texture coordinates ... it's stupid  =D (especially for the low speed gained during the display).

I take this topic to ask you if one day the problem to make a lightmapping will be solved?
In summary, the possibility to assign multiple textures with different coordinates on the same object.
I think the lightmapping is important in a 3D game for a good rendering without asking the GPU too much (especially on mobile).

GLBasic - en / Re: Smooth scroll
« on: 2019-Mar-06 »
I will change the code to integers and check the results. :good:

In summary, I broke my head to give you an example that works with floats for nothing  :D
Too bad, I'm sure it could have been the beginning of a beautiful library specifically dedicated to this type of games with for example sprites by layers, sprites moving between each layer, ... 
A kind of 2.5D graphic engine ;)

Really sad news about Bak...

Thank you for him  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Re: Smooth scroll
« on: 2019-Mar-05 »
Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of tremor with floating values.
In fact, the only way in opengl is to create a pseudo-3D.
Here is an example that is easily adaptable (and maybe, can be transformed into a real library).
Sorry if I didn't comment more, I did it tonight and I'm a little tired (also sorry if the code is not very clean).

Use "+" or "-" to speed up or slow down scrolling.

I take this comment to salute the memory of Steve Bak who left us last month... in almost total indifference :rant:
He was the king of scrolling on Atari, vertically (Goldrunner), horizontally (Return to Genesis) and horizontally with parallax (StarRay).

R.I.P Master... :booze:  ...   :'(

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Mar-01 »
Too bad  :(
With my solution, I totally solved my problem, even if yours is not quite the same, try anyway because I don't think it's a GLB bug, I think is one of the reasons why there is always an option in a 3D game to control the sensitivity of the mouse  ;)

Yes, it's not so strange :)

Here are some reasons:
1 / We can only assign one texture per object (it's also a problem for the lightmapping).
2 / You have implemented a frustrum optimization by object (thanks, needless to do it), so it's interesting for speed.
3 / For example, games like Minecraft require a lot of objects.
4 / Moreover, what is important for the speed (and the memory) in Opengl is not the number of objects but the complexity of each object.

But rest assured, on the maps where I need more, I will assign them on the fly (I hope without much slowdown).

Thank you for your interest and long life to GLB on Steam  :good:

--- EDIT ---

Hmm ... after Gernot's intervention, I thought about it and maybe I was wrong.
I'm looking for too much speed, I'll see my algorithm again tomorrow.

Thank you Gernot you helped me without even answering me  :D

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-25 »
  :D Indeed, it's a very big problem for the player
Your problem interests me because I'm also developing a 3D project and have a similar problem, but not exactly the same as you.
But it's an FPS and not a spaceship simulation, that's probably the reason for the difference.

Glad you're found a solution and good luck on your project, Hemlos  :good:

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-23 »
Do you have an example of your problem, Hemlos ?
Not your main code, just an example that sums up the problem you have in your pricinpale program.
Your problem intrigues me ;)

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-21 »
When I reread Hemlos' comments, I thought it was a similar problem, but in fact it was not quite like mine (for me, it was with MOUSESTATE and only when there had a loss of FPS for a long time).
Moreover, I think my problem is not a GLB bug.

For the problem of Hemlos, you have probably the best solution MrPlow :good:

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-21 »
Maybe, but seeing a SLEEP in a main loop bothers me a lot  ;)

Bug Reports / Re: MOUSEAXIS fails
« on: 2019-Feb-21 »
I already noticed this bug but I think that using a SLEEP in a main loop is not good.
Try not to multiply the speed of the mouse_velocity by a delta time but with a mouse_speed variable that the player of your game will be able to modify in the options.

Code: GLBasic [Select]
delta_time = GETTIMER()
// mouse_x_velocity = mouse_x_velocity * delta_time
// mouse_y_velocity = mouse_y_velocity * delta_time
mouse_x_velocity = mouse_x_velocity * mouse_speed  // A variable between 0.0 --- 1.0 ----> 2.0 (or more) it's the player who will choose.
mouse_y_velocity = mouse_y_velocity * mouse_speed

And use this code in your main loop instead of MOUSEAXIS to get the velocity (and if everything works well, you'll be able to test with MOUSEAXIS).
Code: GLBasic [Select]
MOUSESTATE mouse_x, mouse_y, mouse_b1, mouse_b2

// Your rendering ....

SETMOUSE screen_x_center, screen_y_center
mouse_x_velocity = mouse_x - screen_x_center
mouse_y_velocity = mouse_y - screen_y_center

I hope it will help you.

 :D Very good and nice example Erico.

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