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Off Topic / Re: Happy New Year Guys!
« on: 2021-Jan-06 »
You're right Bigsofty, I also hope this year will be better  :sick:  and as we say in my country:
"Bonne année et Bonne Santé!"  :enc:

Try to use the X_SCALEMODEL function (after you load or create your object) instead of the X_SCALING function.

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Dec-07 »
For a simple dungeon crawler, I don't think so (although you're going to have a problem with 3D sound).
If you want to do a Doom/Quake style dungeon crawler yes it can be very useful... but so your map editor will not be of much use to you because this engine can import Quake 3 levels (and therefore all map editors that export in this format).

In fact, with SGE you have access to almost all the features of Irrlicht and irrklang.

Anyway, good job Steinbock, hope you will keep us posted on the progress of your project which looks great  :good:

Very good idea Erico  :good:
I would probably buy this bundle as soon as it goes on sale.

I was permanently knackered before Covid. It's soooo much worse now.
Due to health issues I'm finding coding real slow for me just now.
Same...  :sick:

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-22 »
Thanks for your interest Qedo  :booze:

I'm continuing this project but I'm just going to take my time, it will allow me to do many examples and integrate a physics engine.
Plus I have work to finish before Christmas (I'm very late  :()

By the way, were you able to solve your problems with HTML5?
If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask me, maybe I can help you.

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-20 »
Well, apparently nobody cares about helping me with my engine.
Too bad, I was motivated ...

Another project maybe  ;)

 <3 GLBasic

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-13 »
Hi guys,

Currently Linux is not installed on my computer, if I provide LIB and DLL for Linux, could someone test me the demos on their installed version of Linux (not on a virtual PC) ?

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-11 »
Very smooth, looks great too!  :good:
:good: I compiled the library to be as optimized as possible (that's also why it's so big, optimizations take more space).
I put a version with the FPS display.

There is no code, so it's not a snippet. :)
Thats why i moved it.
2 mins, I'm doing the examples and the physics engine, it takes a little while  :P (maybe I would do the physics engine later if I see it's too long).
But I understand, no problem  ;)

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-10 »
For the moment no, but maybe later because it seems that a version of Irrlicht for android is in development.
Even if the physics in Irrlicht is already important (especially for collisions), I will try to integrate a physics engine (ODE or Newton) and add examples.

Beta Tests / SGEngine
« on: 2020-Nov-10 »
I don't have much time to talk about it, but it's a 3D engine for GLB based on Irrlicht and IrrKlang.

I will come back to this later.

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2020-Aug-28 »
My translator is based on the old (but very good) Metzzo's 123basic.

I fixed some bugs, optimized the code, reduced the size of the translated file and added some stuff.
But on this date, 3D doesn't work  :'(
For 2D it works very well in SD (640x480 or 800x480) but is a bit slow in HD.
But this is normal because it doesn't use WebGl. Later, I plan to make a WebGl version.
The advantage of not using WebGl is better compatibility, but the best would be to create 2 versions and detect if WebGl is enabled or not (I'll work on it when I have more time).

I don't recommend starting from scratch for your translator.
Use Metzzo's translator as a basis -OR- make a small demo that uses the functions you use in your games, I will test this demo with my translator and if it works, I will make a small standalone version of my translator for you (and of course also for others who would be interested) to allow you to easily translate your games into H5.

My message was a bit long, I hope I was clear even in English  ;)

Ps: The 123basic site is offline but apparently there is still a very old version on Github.

Ps2: It's a pity not to see Metzzo on this Forum anymore, he was a very good GLB programmer  :(

Hey! It was really good for the time, well done guys!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: GLB is dead?
« on: 2020-Aug-28 »
Especially when you have Neymar on your team  =D

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2020-Aug-28 »
I don't use Emscripten (I use my own GLB->HTML5 translator), but I think you can change that in "Bin/glbasic_template.html"

About the mouse I don't know  :(

GLBasic - en / Re: 3D and GLB
« on: 2020-Aug-24 »
Not really Hemlos.
You can make a system close to a real 3d sound system but it will not be complete.
To simulate a real 3D sound environment, a function like MUSICVOLUME is missing.
A function that allows you to change the sound in real time is essential (SOUNDVOLUME?)

For example you have a radio in a room, the sound of this radio must increase or decrease in real time depending on whether the player is approaching or not.

Without a SOUNDVOLUME function, you will be able to give the illusion of a real 3D sound environment with short sounds, but if a sound is long, there will be a problem.

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