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Title: AndroidExtras and iOS/tvOS updates + Download Links (19-02-2018)
Post by: spacefractal on 2013-Nov-28
To catch up various threads about AndroidExtras, im thinks im will create this thread, which im will posting when something news and fixes happens to both SDK Upgrade, StoreKit as well AndroidExtras its self.

From v3.00, im will now include iOS in the zip, because im have also done a lots of updates to iOS as well (etc tvOS support, and some files share both platforms). So im will now merge this locked thread to cover Android Extras and iOS.

Also its mostly me that countinue to support and update those platforms.

iOS10 iOS project (BETA3) at 01-03-2017: (link updated)

A least iOS8.x is required as mimimum now. all old iOS7 code is removed, since they cant been used anymore due Apple does not support it anymore. Then its no longer need to keep those. Also keep in mind you can not use both orientations, but you can either use landscape or portrait mode. its should possible to compile from Glbasic v12 and up, but only v14 is tested.

Android Extras 3.01.2 (few thing in build.bat files is updated as well build tools updated as 30-08-2017):

due Android TV support, im using SDK 22 now.  I'm can no longer guarantee Android 2.X support from Version 3.0. AndroidManifest.xml and help is also updated. its should possible to compile from Glbasic v12 and up, but only v14 is tested.

GlBasic Storekit:

LibPNG Update required:
Until im finally have update Android Extras, you are required to update LibPNG file in your project, where you else might got rejected by Google due secuity

Newest Java SDLActivity.Java (19-02-2018):

Please Note:
Version 3.0.0 can compile with both v14 and v12 of glbasic. Im have still not get the latest version of glbasic source code, so its not updated for using with the new PRESCALER command. Its is coming soon.
Title: Re: Links & News for AndroidExtras
Post by: spacefractal on 2014-Apr-19
What do Android v3.0 Content?
   * ADMOB INTERSITAILS (discounted support in future updates, but code stay)
   * GAMECONTROLLER SUPPORT (now require GameInput API)
   * GPS

   * OUYA
   * MOJO
   * FIRE TV
   * GENERIC GAMEPADS (Using GameInput API).

Also currectly Mouse and iCade is not supported for GameInput API for Android (but working for iOS). This is been done later on. Same with mouse support for Android.

   * This project is updated for iOS9.
   * Apple TV support (primary, fully works throught).
   * Two xCode projects is included for iOS and for tvOS.
   * Mfi GameController support (using GameInput API).
Title: Re: What News for AndroidExtras + Download Links (v2.7.2)
Post by: spacefractal on 2015-Feb-14
How To Create the Key:

In order to sign your code for releasing software on the Google Play, you need a developer key, that you can create like:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
cd /D "%JAVA_HOME%\bin"
keytool.exe -genkey -alias android_developer.keystore -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 20000 -keystore android_developer.keystore

That create the file android_developer.keystore. Move that to main root of C: drive amd remember to backup it. Its important.

How to Code Sign it:

1. When you compile a product, you would show how to CODE SIGN it. Invoke that command shown in the Output.

2. You can now use glbasic-release-for-market.apk, which can been used on a Store Front.

Typical Issues:

1. If the path show somethign like Q: as the drive. Then im recommered to move glbasic out from c:\Program Files, because Java dosent like spaces in t he folder name. You should not need to reinstall glbasic, just rename or move it.

2. If you get various Java errors, then make sure to DELETE \distribute\Android\libs and \distribute\Android\src folders. This is prevent old and new files got mixed and give you compile errors.
PS. Im have locked the thread, but im will still update this thread. This because this is a information thread, not to get help in.[/glow]
Title: Re: AndroidExtras and iOS/tvOS updates + Download Links
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2016-Jul-20
Title: Re: AndroidExtras and iOS/tvOS updates + Download Links (01-03-2017)
Post by: spacefractal on 2017-Jul-09
TIP with a bug, im newer got updated (yet):

If your application crash under Android 6 devices? Please use DOESFILEEXISTS before you loading a file. This should have been done automatic, but might fails on that system for some odd reason. Im do not have a Android 6 device to test with:

its abit a year ago, but its workaround able.