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Title: Shadows disappear
Post by: BumbleBee on 2013-Apr-07
Hi everyone

Don't be afraid. It's just me.  :) Gernot, could you fix the following bug please. 

Shadows disappear when player/camera is close to the Shadow-Casting-Objects or inside the shadow.
Please, run the Shadow example in the GLBasic 3D - Samples directory and change the camera position to:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]

   X_CAMERA 0,0,50,400*COS(mx),0,400*SIN(mx)

You are now close to the Donut. Follow the shadow by using your mouse.  :P When the light is about behind the Donut, then you are inside the shadow.   :) As you can see, the shadow disappears.

Can someone confirm this? Thx

Here's a Video where you can also see what i mean.

Don't ask me why but i think, clipping ain't perfect.    Sry, Gernot. Don't punish me.   :giveup:

Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: matchy on 2013-Apr-07
Room shadows are tricky I get this sort of things with two spotlights, where one is ignored in the other beam or something. I'm not sure what the issue here but I am going to take a wild guess at either turning off culling for shadow renders, the order of the objects or X_MAKE3D znear is too high (integer). Cool demo...reminds me of a great playstation game Croc. ;)
Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: mentalthink on 2013-Apr-07
HI Bumblebee the game it's very nice... about the shadows, something extrange , always the darks side of GLbasic it's the 3D, a bit more of powerfull will be of GLbasic "una Bestia parda!"  =D
Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: kanonet on 2013-Apr-07
Yeah thats one of several bugs in shadows/3D.

@matchy if you want more than one shadow source you need a render call for each of the sources, so with one shadow source you render everything 2 times with 2 sources 3 times... etc.
Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: Marmor on 2013-Apr-07
or use static lightmaps for the level .
Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: BumbleBee on 2013-Apr-10
Thx Guys

I hope he will fix this some day. If Kitty wants to see another example i got the ultimate Demo. =D  You will see something but you won't see anything. It's just amazing.  =D  So, I have to go to work now.


Title: Re: Shadows disappear
Post by: Schranz0r on 2013-Apr-10
BumbleBee in da house! :D
Whats up my friend?