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Title: NETWE
Post by: aroldo on 2013-Feb-12
How can I use NET command to open a web site but not end my application?
I tried NETWEBEND it opens the browser but my app freezes.
This is on WEBOS, iOS and Windows.
Title: Re: NETWE
Post by: mentalthink on 2013-Feb-12
HI Aroldo I suppose for don't freeze you app, put in the begin of the code, out of the loop, systempause False and mousepointer true... I think whit this have to work...
Title: Re: NETWE
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2013-Feb-13
Was it ALLOWESCAPE TRUE? I think so.
Title: Re: NETWE
Post by: Omadan on 2013-Feb-13
Netwebend terminates your application. I have not tried this with new version but I am pretty sure it terminates your app.
Title: Re: NETWE
Post by: kanonet on 2013-Feb-14
Not tested, but according to help file ALLOWESCAPE FALSE should keep your program active, at least on the big platforms.
Post by: aroldo on 2013-Feb-14
Kitty and everyone thank you for your answer,  :nw:

I am using GLBasic V11 on Windows 7.

With the following settings AUTOPAUSE TRUE and ALLOWESCAPE FALSE I was able to get NETWEBEND working without issues only on iOS 6.x, on Windows 7 and WebOS (HP TouchPad and Palm Pre 2) the the game freezes after the user presses the icon to go to my web site, the browser opens without any problem but the application does not respond, it freezes)
ALLOWESCAPE has to be set FALSE otherwise it interferes with the iOS Home button (when you press the home button the app goes in the back ground) For more info see my post and resolution on this link: (
For right now I will be able to launch the game on the App store. On WebOS it will be annoying, they will have to terminate the app and restart it again, since WebOS has no new devices I think I can handle the complains.
On Windows I am not planing to launch the app but I think the fix will benefit other GLBasic users.