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Title: Blender, live Classes... (3D)
Post by: mentalthink on 2012-Feb-22
Hi tonight arrives this to my boxmail... I leave you the .html attached...

Seems be a free online introductory course for Blender... if any one want make the course... I think it´s free...

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Title: Re: Blender, live Classes... (3D)
Post by: okee on 2012-Feb-22
Thanks, Looked at Blender for the first time last week but it seemed a bit daunting so settled with
Sketchup, unfortunately with Sketchup free, lighting and Rendering seem to be extra, but it's
pretty easy get up and running quick in it.
Will watch this to see how Blender compares
Title: Re: Blender, live Classes... (3D)
Post by: mentalthink on 2012-Feb-22
Hi okke, blender it´s the most powerfull tools, I ear some Spansh Teacher... on the film industry, have a lot of thing in animation better than 3D max... well it´s a great soft for learn, but when you know only one... you know the most 3d Packages in the industry... all makes the same... mathematics formules whit a different buttons and UI...

Yes skecthpro it´s a very good tool, but I don´t have any idea to make somothest meshes... and well I look a very impresive 3D meshes whit skecth... it always the same... the better for one, it´s the most acomodate for self...

Any soft, can be the same than other... and most in these days... all companyes advanced a lot of in them developements in 3D suites..
Title: Re: Blender, live Classes... (3D)
Post by: okee on 2012-Feb-22
I found a free Render plugin for it today called kerkythea

This does the lighting and rendering.
I read somewhere, if your scene or model has jagged edges when imported into kerkythea
there's an option to smooth them.
Yeah i guess it's just a case of learning the Interface/Shortcuts etc
I had heard that previous versions of Blender didn't have an intuative interface but it's
supposed to be better in the newer versions.
Title: Re: Blender, live Classes... (3D)
Post by: mentalthink on 2012-Feb-23
Hi Okee. yes blender have all the things.. or the most things for free...

Kerythea it´s a very good render engine... this render engines are called usually, Unbiased renders... this engines basically make photos... in Architecture has a lot popularity... but well, I think the most PC of Architecht are shut Down...(in Spain sure)...  : Be carefully... this engines take a lot of time for make a render... if you VGA it´s capable of use CUDA or another Paralell Computing, ATI in example... perhaps this engine it´s now optimized... from CPU it´s a very tedious time to wait to finallize the render...

Yo have this another...

This it´s similar than Vray or Brazil or Final Render... those not are Unbiased... very faster and use a thing called... Global Illumination... whit practice you can make things like Unbiased Render... are more complex to use... But I think for make games it´s better...

I read sometime ago, Vray and Mental Ray(This it´s the better, in grat production films... it´s the most used... a little slow) in blender have "Ports" of this engines.

PS: Unbiased render... (now.. I´m not sure), don´t are capable to make , render to texture... this it´s you place the texture to your or your objects iluminated... and then in the video game you  don´t need to iluminate  in real time... an the the game runs very smooth and faster...

Another thing... if you want learn Blender... make use of youtube... have a lot of complete Courses for learning from begin to the end... I can´t help you more... because I don´t use normally... but I make 3d from a "few" years ago, and I know it´s very very good, and more now... the UI is´t most standard... the other UI, for a lot of artist don´t like it.