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Title: Better "Files" Tab
Post by: bigsofty on 2011-Oct-13

When using multiple files, you currently have to either use the edit frame Tabs or double click on the filename in the "Files" tab. I usually use the Files tab, as it saves me scrolling the tabs, with the Tab Scroll buttons, which is a little time consuming when you get above 10 files... clicking left and right to scroll.

Then you locate your function name by click on the "Jumps" tab, then clicking on the function name. To jump to another file, I have to click on the files tab again.

So my usual regular "browsing the code" routine consists of...

Click on "File" tab.
Doube click on filename.
Click on "Jump "tab.
Click on function name.

1 Double and 3 single clicks, when jumping between function editing(still better than using the tab scroll buttons though!). I repeat this continuously when editing.

My suggestion(borrowed from the Delphi IDE) is to get rid of the "Jumps" tab altogether and merge it with the "Files" tab like so...

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
      .. GLBegin()
      .. GLEnd()
      .. SprX()
      .. SprY()
      .. SprZ()

A single click on a function name would take you to the correct file and function line. It would treat your project as a whole entity, easily browsing the project source tree. Simplifying the IDE functionality, making it more powerful and convenient at the same time IMHO.
Title: Re: Better "Files" Tab
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2011-Oct-13

Nice idea, but this is a terrible lot of work :(

When I search for a function I either click on the call and select "goto declaration", or I use Shift+Ctrl+F to find the name in all project files...

Can I change your mind? Please?
Title: Re: Better "Files" Tab
Post by: Slydog on 2011-Oct-13
Ha, I mentioned this 'problem' a while ago, sort of.
I now never use the jump list, as I always need the file list displayed, as I jump around my 20+ project files.

I do what Kitty does by [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[F], or 'goto declaration'.

It would be nice if we could see both the files and the functions at the same time.
If not in one list like Bigsofty suggested, but maybe two lists in different areas / windows on the screen.
Maybe a combo box (above the code area?) like Visual Basic does, that lists each function.
You could still have BOTH function lists if you need.

Just a thought.
Title: Re: Better "Files" Tab
Post by: bigsofty on 2011-Oct-14
Yes, that would do, or being able to detach one of the tabs?