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Title: PCopy! #30
Post by: E.K.Virtanen on 2007-Feb-16
Hi all.

PCopy is "young" and small kind-of online magazine for all BASIC programming languages.
First issue (#10) was published at Wed Aug 02, 2006, while second issue (#20) took way more time because of some problems we had. It was published at Mon Jan 08, 2007.

Its a harsh magazine but we try to learn all the time.

Issue #30 is published today and i though to post about it in here too :)

Still kicking...

PCopy! Issue 30

From The Editors
Quote of the Month
News and Neat BASIC Projects
Exit Issue

Competitions and Challenges
Game Competition: Asses of Fire

Articles & Editorials
Travellin in a BASIC land
Free Brutus2D
mafSOFT - Mapixelator Preview
Lesser-Known Basic Languages, Part 2.
Hartnell's Lost Article
Interview with Richard D. Clark
20 Minutes into the Future...

Database Design - A Complete Study

E.K.Virtanen,  MystikShadows,  Hartnell,  Richard D.Clark,  TheMusicalAbuser

PCopy! #30 ( - .zip (

PCopy! pages at ASCII-World (

Thanks, E.K.Virtanen
Title: Re: PCopy! #30
Post by: acristo on 2008-Jul-14
PCopy's new site wiki : ( 
Title: Re: PCopy! #30
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2008-Jul-15
Should we post an article there, too?
Title: Re: PCopy! #30
Post by: PeeJay on 2008-Jul-15
I do find it odd that he posted here about his BASIC site, but doesn't actually list GL Basic as one of the dialects he has any interest in. Very odd ....
Title: Re: PCopy! #30
Post by: acristo on 2008-Jul-15
yes, but I did look at other issues... no glbasic mention... Would be a good idea post an article about how easy is build games with glbasic.