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Title: Possible voxel engine for GLB
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Sep-14
Off and on I've been working on creating a 3d FPS RPG with voxels, using Ken Silverman's Evaldraw.  It display voxel(3d pixel) models with othro squares and create a neat retro look.  Something like how a SNES RPG would look in 3d but without polygons.

Evaldraw version (

Currently I've been translating the code from the ED engine to GLB, but voxel rendering itself is hardcoded into ED and I'll be left with doing that.

I've devised a format that should contain all the info to quickly(haven't tested yet) render voxel models in the form of ortho objects in a 3d space.

The engine itself is based of a grid for the map, scanning the area and decoding values to display walls, floor and cielings.  Each face of a wall block can have a unique model.

Right now its being simulated with DDD models based of the voxel models from the ED version.

Also the tools have been created in GLB so things can work smoothly together.  The map maker and image to voxel program are made in GLB

Heres a pretty raw screenshot of the current progress, there's still some bugs to work out because I'm translating C to GLB code and somethings are a little different.  Map reading seems to work fine though, its my raycasting for the view that needs some more work.
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If you check the project website you'll notice that The Crawl is an open source project, and I plan on releasing stable version of the code for GLB further down the line.  Mostly to promote RPG creation and Voxels.

Manged to fix up most of the ray casting issues, now I've switched to working on the shading algorithm.  In the ED version it was per voxel, in the video below its per vertex, creating the illusion of fog.
Title: Re: Possible voxel engine for GLB
Post by: MrTAToad on 2010-Sep-15
Looks quite good!