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Title: Vox dungeon crawler.
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-May-09
So I started playing around with Ken Silverman's EvalDraw to make use of that sprite2voxel program I setup.  Mostly because its the only thing I can both have control over and display voxels.

This has led to a new pending project for GLBasic, a map maker for it.

Ken was even nice enough to super optimize my code to convert what was going to be more like EOB to a 6DOF+mouselook 3d engine.  Its a nice surprise.

You can check out the progress and early demo here ->

Once I get a few more things done I'll share the version with Ken's movement/collision detection added and some simulated lighting and fogging I've added.
Title: Vox dungeon crawler, profile page.
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-May-27
Contains some screenshots, old demo, and a variety of video captures to check out.

Created a profile page for updates on my Voxel Dungeon Crawler.

Its still being made with EvalDraw until I can find an alternate method of rendering voxels, but so far its the fastest despite the limits.

Also the limits provide interesting art challanges, like no alpha or lighting.

The tools I'm making for it are still being made in GLBasic, although my image to voxel converter needs a reworking, it tends  to have problems loading large animation strips or images in general.  I plan on working around this by only supporting BMP files and reading from the file instead of loading it into memory.  But thats for some time later.

The second tool is a map maker which is coming along nicely, rather simple too.  Still need to add placement for objects, lights, entities and events.

The project is also open source for all to play with,  Evaldraw isn't too hard to work with and in later releases I'll have some tutorials and templates to work with.
Title: Re: Vox dungeon crawler.
Post by: bigsofty on 2010-May-27
Love the voxel approach, although obviously chunky and not as refined as polygonal graphics, its got that 'something' that immerses you into the scene.  :good:
Title: Re: Vox dungeon crawler.
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-May-27
It provides interesting design challenges.