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Title: SCHMUP tech demo, part 4-4/23/10
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Apr-12
Less old and older post below, new post:

I made a bunch of tiny improvements, some you'll notice others you won't.  Also caught a few more bugs, enemy shots were not traveling with the map scroll speed, which also happened to the explosions.

Scrolling has also been altered, the ship moves slower horizontally and should allow for better handling.  Let me know if the map is more playable with this update.

Non-seeable changes are a polyvector drawing system that autoclips to the screen.  A example of that can be found on the snippets forum.

There might be some other changes I can't recall, sometimes its fix and forget.

Keys are still arrows, z=shoot, tab=make enemy.

PC version, 042310 (

MAC version, 042310 (

On a quick note, I don't really plan on having too many aerial units inside such a level.  Enemies will be foot soldiers, some mech units and turrets.

There's also a bunch of features I haven't decided I want to bring over from the GM version.  Which you can find Heres (

Old post now below, new post:

9000+ pixel long level in one go, solid 60fps.  I haven't checked uncapping it.

Still need to fix some things, like making the player bullets faster and enemy AI.  The level is split into 9 1024x600 frames, with a lightmap, solidmap and backmap.  The entire level is pixel based collision, as is all collision in the game.

I built the levels using Tiled, a very nice program, exported images of separate layers and chopped them up.

I left out enemies since they're pretty much ghosts and defy the laws of physics, but in the demo I have of the entire level, shown below, you can press TAB to create some.

Download (

It takes a few seconds to load-up the level graphics, displayed by fat white bars on the bottom of the screen.

So, arrow keys to move, Z to shoot, TAB to create random enemy...who defies collisions.

( (
A fancy screenshot.

( (
The whole damn level.  This took awhile to put together, but I may scrap it for a redesign.

Old post:

When I first got glbasic, the first thing I did was play around with a sidescroller schmup that I had made before in GM, previous Qbasic(like 20 years ago....) but anyways, after looking through the forums a bit, I found H.K.'s SCHMUP tutorial video and learned a few useful things regarding game object creation.

Basic use of DIMPUSH and DELETE to handle object creation.

So I scrapped then old code and started over.

Here's a simple demo, Z to shoot, Arrow keys to move and ESC to quit at any time.

Download (

Tech demo 2, running 1024x600 with a map w/ collisions.  Enemies and their attacks however are not currently affected by the map.  The map level is a solid image, using SPRCOL against the player and it's attacks.  I think I got the collision working properly, try and break it.

Download (
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo
Post by: bigsofty on 2010-Apr-12
Very nice, although obviously more of a tech demo, there is a basis for a game here.
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Apr-12
Its not to far from being a complete engine, I still need to add a tile system for levels and the other fun stuff.
Title: OSX version to test as well.
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Apr-22
OSX version

should be the same as
WIN3d version.

Hopefully I'll get an linux OS to test with soon, any suggestions?
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: bigsofty on 2010-Apr-22
Although I had trouble with the framerate on my old laptop(GF6100), that I tried it on, it looked very good. Very impressive collision on the scrolling background. Nice graphics... your own work? I would possibly dull down the background graphics a little bit for more of an impression depth and make the tileset a little less abstract.

Looking forward to your next version.

Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: com_1 on 2010-Apr-22
>>  Basic use of DIMPUSH and DELETE to handle object creation.

We can do without this. (possible without this)

Just - dim[]

dim x[]
dim y[]
dim ok$[]

ok$[]="yes" or ok$[]="no";

>>  Download
>>  Download

On my laptop just brake.
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Apr-22
I know I could do without, but I really like dimpush.  I don't have to deal with setting ranges for loops, just use foreach statements.  Then I also don't have to worry about a status variable.

Whats the specs on your laptop?  I run this fine on a Netbook w/ atom and on a G5(old)

I do all my own graphics, thanks.
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: com_1 on 2010-Apr-23
>>  Whats the specs on your laptop?

1.60 GHz
496 MB RAM
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: bigsofty on 2010-Apr-23
1.61 Turion 64x2
1 Gig
Title: Re: SCHMUP tech demo, part 3-4/21/10
Post by: Scott_AW on 2010-Apr-23
Could be memory related, its using 47mb worth of images for the level alone, which somehow boost the total system ram to almost 200 on one computer I was testing on.  I could split the maps up more and only load several at a time instead of all 9 sets of 3.

Also there's some jerkiness as new level images get swapped in.  I may have somewhat fixed that, but like I mentioned I may need to break the images up, probably 18 sets of 512x576 images.  I also found I had gaps between the level parts from overlapping and made images clip to the view screen.  Still a few more things to do, and possibly a new version of the level, some thought the navigation was too narrow.