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Title: Page flipping animation
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2010-Apr-06
Code: GLBasic [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: PageFlip
// Start: Tuesday, April 06, 2010
// IDE Version: 7.308


        FOR i=0 TO 999
                DRAWRECT RND(500), RND(500), 32, 32, RGB(RND(255), RND(128), RND(255) )
        GRABSPRITE 0, 0,0, 512, 512
        DRAWRECT 0,0,600,600,RGB(255,255,255)
        FOR i=0 TO 999
                PRINT "Page 2", RND(500), RND(500)
        GRABSPRITE 1, 0,0, 512, 512

        // flip thingy
        WHILE TRUE
                LOCAL mx%, my%, b1%, b2%
                MOUSESTATE mx, my, b1, b2

                DRAWRECT 0,0,777,777,RGB(128,128,128)
                FlipPageDraw(0, 50,50,480,320, mx, my, FALSE)

//! Draws a Flip-Page animation frame
// \param x%,y% - position of left/top page sheet
// \param w%,h% - width/height of the paper sheet -> these coords are used as texture points, too -> texture can be bigger, but starts at 0,0!
// \param px%,py% - point where you "drag" the bottom right corner to
FUNCTION FlipPageDraw%: id%, x, y, w, h, px, py, bLeftToRight%

        // draw a frame for where the paper would be
        DRAWRECT x,y,w,h, RGB(0xaa, 0xaa, 0xaa)

        IF bLeftToRight%
                INC x, w

        IF (w>0 AND px >= x+w) OR (w<0 AND px <=x+w)  // tear the paper to the right
                STARTPOLY id, 0
                        POLYVECTOR x,y, x,y,0xffffff
                        POLYVECTOR x,y+h,x,y+h,0xffffff
                        POLYVECTOR x+w,y+h,x+w,y+h,0xffffff
                        POLYVECTOR x+w,y,x+w,y,0xffffff

        // Find the flip axis
        LOCAL fcx, fcy // flip center point. Center between bottom right corner and mouse pos (on bending line)
        fcx = (x+w+px)/2
        fcy = (y+h+py)/2

        // now get the direction of the flip edge (normal to the line px,py -> x+w,y+h)
LOCAL nx, ny
        nx = y+h - py
        ny = -(x+w - px)

        // normalize
        LOCAL nl = SQR(nx*nx + ny*ny)
        IF nl < 1E-5 THEN RETURN // nothing visible
        nx = nx / nl
        ny = ny / nl

        LOCAL tx, ty // top point (corner of flipped paper)
        LOCAL t2x, t2y // 2nd top point (if the bending line hits the top edge, intersection of bottom paper top and bending line)
        LOCAL bx, by // bottom point

        // if nx=0 we get div/0 -> make a very small value
        IF ABS(nx)<=1E-5 THEN nx=1E-4
        IF ABS(ny)<=1E-5 THEN ny=1E-4

        // Get intersection y or bending line with the bottom paper edge
        u = (y+h-fcy)/ny
        bx = fcx+u*nx
        by = fcy+u*ny

        // top point, intersection with right edge
        // px + u*nx = x+w
        LOCAL u = (x+w-fcx)/nx
        ty = fcy + u*ny

        LOCAL ty_first = ty

        // py+u*ny = y
        u = (y-fcy)/ny // intersection of bending line with top edge
        t2x = fcx+u*nx
        t2y = y

        // find the real top point now
        // That's a bit tricky now
        // the folded edge is perpendicular to the bottom/mouse point line
        // _and_ the length equals the distance of the current top point to top/right corner

        LOCAL dx, dy // direction of bottom intersection point to mouse point
        dx = px-bx
        dy = py-by
        nl = SQR(dx*dx+dy*dy)

        // length of bended page at top edge
        u = x+w - t2x
        IF w<0 THEN u=-u // flip direction if turning page left to right

        tx = t2x+dx * u // move top bending intersection perpendicular to lower teared paper edge
        ty = t2y+dy * u

        // dont' fold paper too much off the right
        // OR  we're far too left with the mouse
        IF (w>0 AND tx > x+w) OR (w<0 AND tx < x+w) OR (py<y+h AND ty>y)
                tx = x+w
                ty = ty_first


        // Draw the front of that page
        STARTPOLY id, 0
                POLYVECTOR t2x,t2y,t2x,t2y,0xffffff
                POLYVECTOR bx, by, bx ,by ,0xffffff
                POLYVECTOR x, y+h, x  ,y+h,0xffffff
                POLYVECTOR x, y,   x  ,y  ,0xffffff
                POLYVECTOR tx, y,  tx ,y  ,0xffffff

        // Draw the fine back of the page
        // b, p, t - triangle
        STARTPOLY -1, 0
                POLYVECTOR tx, ty, 0,0,0xffffff
                POLYVECTOR t2x,t2y,0,0,0xcccccc
                POLYVECTOR bx, by, 0,0,0xcccccc
                POLYVECTOR px, py, 0,0,0xffffff


Still some work to do to make it look really well - but it's a start...

[edit] Option to flip from left to right added.
Title: Re: Page flipping animation
Post by: thomasp on 2010-Apr-06
Schick!  :)
Title: Re: Page flipping animation
Post by: bigsofty on 2010-Apr-06
Very cool effect!
Title: Re: Page flipping animation
Post by: Hatonastick on 2010-Jul-11
Brilliant!  I love that effect mate. :)