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Title: 3d converter
Post by: Hemlos on 2009-Dec-01
Hey i looked in the 3d animation sample...
You already have moon.ddd, however, for giggles, i converted your original moon.md2 with the 3d converter, and the new moon.ddd is rotated 90 degrees.

Title: 3d bug
Post by: Hemlos on 2009-Dec-03
 found another bug.....
GLBasic wont show half of one of my models .

X_GETFACE shows all the proper information...all the normals, and vertices etc...but when it draws with X_DRAWOBJ...blah nothing....

When i use this object in ac3d, and anim80r0.97a , they both render it in opengl.

Look at this screenshot...i am using x_ambient_lt and cullmode 0, with my object analyzer.
You can see x_getface showing the vertices, and how half the model  is not rendering.

Whats going on with this?
X_DRAWOBJ has a bug?

The .rar below has a project for both ac3d and anim8or.....

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Title: Re: 3d converter
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2009-Dec-03
( (

Works for me. The tail has the normals flipped, tough.
Title: Re: 3d converter
Post by: Hemlos on 2009-Dec-03
the image is what did it...i turned off the texture and voila...i see the object in glbasic

hehe i figgured it out in my 3d object analyzer....that thing is awesome :)
I should have known better, sorry to bother you again.
Cant believe i overlooked the dimension of my texture....518x256 DUH
My vision is going now.