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Title: Translation
Post by: StuC_Ovine on 2009-Aug-26

Would it be possible to put the google translator in the footer of the forum so its available if needed ?

I know its not the best but its nice to get an idea of whats being posted throughout the forum :) (

Title: Re: Translation
Post by: PeeJay on 2009-Aug-26
Good idea! Failing that, Babelfish is just as good -
Title: Re: Translation
Post by: Ian Price on 2009-Aug-26
Can't you enable the Google toolbar (with the translate feature) in your web browser? Invaluable.
Title: Re: Translation
Post by: Schranz0r on 2009-Aug-26
We have some trouble with our forum since the update :/
I hope we can fix it... ( Blogs, gallery... all features are broken)  :'(