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Title: Please create first. (solved)
Post by: Moru on 2019-Oct-28
Just in case someone has this problem again.

My daughter wanted to play around with GLBasic and created a project. She is of the younger generation that never had problems with native characters in filenames (åäö for example). We spent a few minutes searching errors and testing old projects before I saw what the name of the project was :-)

So, if you get this error message:

Please create first.

Make sure that your project name does not contain any funny characters. For safety reasons stay with A-Z,.-_ and numbers. :-)
Title: Re: Please create first. (solved)
Post by: bigsofty on 2019-Oct-28
Well spotted, thank for the tip!  :good:
Title: Re: Please create first. (solved)
Post by: erico on 2019-Oct-29
Yep, I suspect something similar too a long time ago, had a project with portuguese stuff in it or something like that.
Good reminder! :good: