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Title: Interesting promo.
Post by: SnooPI on 2019-Apr-14
For fans of retro 2D platform games, he currently has a very good promotion on GOG for 3DRealms games.
For about 4 euros you have.

-Hocus Pocus
-Secret Agent
-Realms of Chaos
-Cosmo's Comic Adventure

Moreover you have :

-Wacky Wheels (racing)
-Bio Menace (free, platform too)
-Stargunner (free, shoot 'em up)
-Shadow Warrior Classic (free, very good first person shooter) (

This could give ideas for remakes in GLBasic  ;)
Title: Re: Interesting promo.
Post by: bigsofty on 2019-Apr-15
Thanks for the heads-up Snoopy, I've a real soft spot for these old games!  :good: