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Wer mal über den Tellerand schauen möchte,
auf https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly gibt es gerade den Gamaker Studio Pro + Androidexportmodul ab 12$.

Ich meine, da kann man für wenig Geld mal dieses Ding testen ;)
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Beim Gamemaker muss ich immer an Click&Play denken :D
I <3 DGArray's :D

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I don't buy, I have 3 tools for done games but only use with regularity GLbasic, I think 12 E is very good price, but they only give you the Android Platform and can't do 3D... and if you take a look to prices of another platforms is really a nightmare , about 300E for each.  Too much expensive I think.

Ian Price

GameMaker may only do 2D, but it does it very well if in good hands.

Lots of people do pooh-pooh these drag & drop systems, but some of the stuff I've seen is absolutely awesome; have a look at DRM by Robert Fearon for a recent example.

What many fail to realise though is that GameMaker does have a scripting language - it's not all about drag and drop.

The cost of the export modules do indeed seem excessive from the offset, but if you make a game and sell just a couple of hundred copies, you've covered that initial outlay. I know it's hard to get your games noticed, but several people here on the GLB boards have had very good results with some of their Android and iOS stuff.
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@Ian interesting to see the same kind of discussion here as over on the MX forum. Someone mentioned finding the same thing that GMS actually supported a code focused approach including classes.

I wasn't aware of it because the videos I checked out always showed drag n drop stuff then making simple behaviors again using drag n drop stuff. That kind of thing just seems very slow and tedious to me. However, if I can easily bypass that and just program everything it would be worth looking at again. The first time I checked GM was a couple years ago and I closed it about 5 minutes after opening it because the tutorial was heavily focused on GUI making rooms and so forth. Just seemed so dang tedious too much overhead. I will check it out again.


yep, apart from the price, game maker is fine, I kind of like it and used it a bit a long ago. Then I did a bit of constructor too, not all bad.
If I remember correctly, Spelunky was done with game maker and so, many, if not all, games from Locomalito.

I also recall that that scripting capability was extensively used on the random map generator for Spelunky.


Yes! I am a big fan of Locomalito and was surprised when I found out that he used GameMaker to make these fantastic retro style games. When I first played his games a few years ago when all of this Indie Craze was just getting rolling I thought he had developed these all from scratch using C/C++ or something.

Hydorah, Maldita Castilla and Gaurodan were my favorites. I also like that he told how long the games took to make. 3 years for Hydorah, 20 months for Maldita Castilla and 5 months for Gaurodan. All are extremely well done.

I would have never thought these were made in GM because they just seem way too good and very much like native programmed games.


Yep, his games are superbly done, gfx, sound and design, music by gryzor87 is just out of this world.
Also, they are really nice chaps, I had a few words with gryzor and that guy is supreme.

I guess this is another chip into showing why the idea+dedication is above one specific tool.
I also guess that is one of the reasons you are testing different tools to check for ´speed´, so to keep the idea alive and kicking above everything.
At the end, accomplishment is what matters above all creative tools.

I have seen a few bits more of "The curse of Issyos" from locomalito on his twitter thing...can´t wait for that, I always take vacations when he releases stuff, it must be played in full! :good: :booze:


Thanks Erico for the new title of Loco Malito.. I don't know nothing about this title (I  thought  they are working in another thing I watch on internet).
I leave that I found... Seems like Amstrad CPC.

About the good Games "la Abadie les Morts" is really cool, in fact the game was ported to real ZX Spectrum (I don't played in a real machine).

About Scripting or no in this kind of tools like Game Maker, I remind I bought a license of GameSalad, (you don't need nothing, only was drag and drop), and this is OK if you want do something very easy, but you know how is this of make games, when the imagination begins to fly, you can't stop it, ant then is when you frustated with this tools.


He pops a screenie or a gif once in while in his twitter:

He said it will hopefully be released this year!


 <3 Very nice work , I think do all this with pixel art have to be really hard, the only way I think for done something similar is put 3D models with some filter or redraw over a render... Really I think it's a hard work.

About the trees I think are the same like in "Abadie les morts" but with more colors... The points and life tables remind me again a bit to ghost and goblins...

I think , perhaps I'm wrong a good date can be in the end of the year, always feelings of Nostalgia and Retro comming more strong in this days.



He gets a lot of inspiration from older pixel games, so by using such references, it makes a lot easier to draw pixel art.
Incredibly, he uses a very crude font editor to make the art, superb! :good:

This one game of his kind of reminds me a bit of Gods on the amiga, specially the main guy´s pose.