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GLBasic - en / Re: Steam Html dosent work ous...
Last post by D2O - 2024-Feb-12
Ok, ich nutze keinen http Server wie xamp und co.
Ich lade das ganze immer auf den Online-Server.

Jetzt wollte ich das ganze nochmals frisch erstellen und als beispiel hochladen.
Und was ist, jetzt wird  nur die dummy htmal erstellt.

Ok, das ganze wieder deinstalliert und neu installiert.
Nix, nada... lässt sich wieder nicht erstellen.

Da gibts ja noch etwas mit den Icon Dateien, ok überall rein kopiert, hilft aber nichts.

Ich bin echt ein ruhiger geselle, aber mir reichts jetzt.

Wenn ich an die Anfangszeiten denke, GLB Installieren, bisschen den HOME Pfad anpassen....
Android läuft, damals sogar Iphone (noch ohne MAC ;)  )...

Und jetzt habe ich jedes mal das gefühl, GLB wird verschlimbessert.

Ich steig aus, vielleicht packts mich in einem Jahr wieder, aber aktuell muss ich mich nur ärgern.

@Kitty Hello
Good to hear that, as it gives hope for possible other targets like TV's, as they should support WebAssembly, at least I hope so.

What error is visible in browser's JS developer console (or however it;s called in other browsers beside Opera), other thing is that from what I remember GLB used some internal http server for testing html5 projects, are you using separate client like Xampp?
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam Html dosent work ous...
Last post by D2O - 2024-Feb-05
Ist eigentlich ein ganz simpler Timer,

Code (glbasic) Select
// IDE Version: 16.793

// SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files

GLOBAL fps_time% = 0,fps_temp% = 0
GLOBAL frametime% = 10000 // millisecs

SETSCREEN 800,600,0

GLOBAL dip1% = TRUE, dip2% = TRUE


SUB MainLoop:
        fps_time = GETTIMERALL()
        IF (fps_time-fps_temp)> 1000 AND frametime > 0

                frametime = frametime - 1000
                fps_temp = fps_time


        IF frametime = 0   THEN dip1 = FALSE

        IF dip1 = TRUE
            DRAWRECT  100,100,100,100,RGB(0x00, 0x80, 0x00)
            PRINT frametime/1000,110,110


    frametime = 10000
    dip1 = TRUE

PRINT getfps()+" FPS",10,10
PRINT "left mousebutton reset", 10,40


FUNCTION getfps:

STATIC fps_time%,fps_counter%,fps%,fps_temp%
    fps_time = GETTIMERALL()
    fps_counter = fps_counter + 1
        IF (fps_time-fps_temp)>1000
                fps_temp = fps_time
                fps = fps_counter
                fps_counter = 0

        RETURN fps

Aber vielleicht rufe ich das scribt nur falsch auf ??

Habe es mit
<script src="jscript/Timer.js"></script>
<canvas id = "canvas" = "event.Preventdefault ()"> </ Canvas>
<Script Type = 'Text/JavaScript'>
var module = {
Canvas: (Function () {return document.getelementbyid ('canvas');}) ()

<script src = "timer.js"> </script>
Ist das script aber in der gleichen ebene wie die html Datei
funktioniert es.

<script src = "timer.js"> </script>
inline C++ is fully supported in HTML5. If you have the source for libraries, they might work, propably, too.
It would be nice to have some list of functions not working in HTML target and possible workarounds, in one post or something. Fully working HTML5 game can be for example packed into UWP or whatever it's now called and played on Xbox consoles. That's off topic but C++ inline and additional libs like SDL are not supported most likely, as SDL has some HTML5 port from what I remember.
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam Html dosent work ous...
Last post by D2O - 2024-Feb-03
Vielen Dank :)
im did many of the fixes in this thread, which you should look in:

Im newer have a Spectrum or played this game before this remake..... Im was/is a Commodore guy. But im became a part of that official extended port. Also there is a lot of new rooms added.

The only strategy game im actuelly played back in the day, its was Laser Squad for the Amiga.

And yep, we have the official license from Atari, which own HOH.
Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas and Happy ...
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-Jan-03
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-Dec-28Happy Xmas.

etc im today finally got my Spectrum Next issue 2 machine. Currectly working a that remake named "Head Over Heels" to that as one of the strect issue 2 kickstarter. Im guess all/most speccy games know that game. hihi.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL - wow SF, nice!! Head over heels is a well-loved game...I was more a strategy / adventure gaming type myself...but look forward to seeing the isometric implementation!
GLBasic - en / Steam Html dosent work ousite ...
Last post by D2O - 2023-Dec-31

I bought the HTMl module via Steam.
It works great at first.
But what do I have to do, so that the .js, .data and .wasm files
are in a lower or and the .html file is in the root?

Calling up with <script src = "jscript/timer.js"> </script>
Instead of <script src = "timer.js"> </script>
doesn't work.

Thank you
And a happy new year.