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Couple of such bundles and you have music for game, maybe not original but at least good quality and professional, but what's most important, it's normally licensed so no problems with that either.

Cinematic Soundwaves: Inspiring Audio for Film & Gaming on Humble Bundle.
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Loop packs: Rhythms, Landscapes, Echoes, Dreams, Feelings, String Fever, Spaces, Solo Instruments, Ghosts, Melodic Moods.

Video shows much better how it works, and the effect looks very nice in action, specially if enemies also affect the grass.
But is it really needed (extra rotation)? The effect looks great already.
Yes i also scale the lawn, i could instead rotate it on another axis, but i hate 3d rotations when there are to many angles involved, I need to get more into quarternions.
SUPER! The effect is very well done, are you also pushing them down a bit other then giggling?
I love the fact that the enemies also bend the grass :)

ps: I need to get back to my Joust game... about August I will dive into it :)
ok, I made a short video so you can see it in action

Indeed, good to see some GLB projects still rolling on, and yeah development time can be long but patience and consistency is the key to get it done.
Regarding the effect itself, it's shaking or more like bending the grass to ground, or something like that? Such detail is always welcome as even today not all AAA game have vegetation that is reacting to player :D
Nice to see this one evolving :)
thanks for the help,

I am still in the process of reinventing the character and story.

I have worked a bit on the lawn engine, so i thought i share some progress ( has it allready been 10 years?  :o )

I have implemented shaking grass when you walk over it ( value from 1.0 multiplied with 720 degrees and sin and asin aftwerwards, looks really nice ), I can also use it for making a wind effect on the whole lawn, also really not that ressource draining ).

I have also fixed some bugs, like teleportation could in special cases lead to one row of tiles not loading.

And I also finished the lawn editor, lawn tiles can now be edited by some clicks in the editor.

I have attached a screenshot of the new effect, but I think a video would do it better justice.
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Nice sets!