Better Vmware or Parallel Desktops?¿

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Hi I read some people uses parallels and another people use Vmware... Now I have to use my Mac mini full time, my "big" computer burns...

I use vmware at this time... but I read Paralells Desktops need less requisites and runs faster in 3D... anyone can comment his experiencies whit this Virtualizations...

VMware, I don´t want use, because don´t have Union mode, and I can live whitout this awesome mode of using Windows into a mac....



It's been a little while, but I tried them both and found Parallels to be the better of the two.  ;)


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I own both VMWare 5 and Parallels 8 and I can 100% confirm that for GLB development (and general gaming) Parallels is faster in the graphical department than VMWare.

Parallels 8 with Mountain Lion is  :good: :good: :good:


HI Qube Thanks I think I will buy a Paralells License... VMware runs fine... But when i test the Parallels 7 , I nottice the 3D run more smooth than Vmware...

Thanks for your replies guys!!!