CyanogenMod for HP Touchpad (Android)

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Kitty Hello


since there are some TP users and this issue is a bit scary when you have not done this, I describe about my experience with it.

What you get:
-2 GB of space reduced on your Touchpad for the Android partition
-a Dual-Boot menu that lets you boot into WebOS or Android (use Volume button + Home)
-An Android that uses the same data storage as your WebOS Touchpad - you can share photos,movies and even app-data (see my post here:
-Fully featured Android tablet with fast OpenGL|ES graphics and great processor. Really stable.

Only downside: The default boot is set to Android, so you have to watch when you turn it on.

Download the package from here:
ACME-Installer, CyanogenMod,Moboot,
Get at least these 3 files.

  • Do a backup of all your data from the Touchpad - if there's any. I did not do this, and it didn't break a thing. But I'm not you and you can't blame me if there might be an issue.
  • Unzip the package.
  • Read the README!!
  • Copy the files (README!) onto the Touchpad using USB drive connection.
  • open a command prompt
  • change to the directory: C:\...\GLBasic\Compiler\platform\webos\tool\bin\novaterm\data\bin
  • Copy the "ACMEInstaller" file into this directory. (Parallel to the novacom.exe)
  • Type:
    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller


Nice one Gernot. Your ACME link doesn't work though.

How do you backup a TP though? And when you say backup is it the whole thing or just your data? If just my data then I don't really care as I haven't used it for much except web browsing and GLB WebOS development.

Also any advice on how to undo all of this?

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Oh, and maybe you could try this?

If it works then I will probably try installing it. Really don't want to default boot to Android if can help it...

Is it Gingerbread BTW? I take it ICS is a while off...

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Ian Price

ICS shouldn't be too far off - the source has been released and there are betas available. But yeah, I'd rather wait for a stable ICS than go through the whole process more than once (the more you do something like this, the more chances there are of fecking it all up!)
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Kitty Hello

Theres a device doctor on the hp site. That is like a firmware install, so when you backup your data, the device can't be bricked.


I have alpha2 installed with the SOD (Sleep Of Death) fix installed, and it is great.

Alpha3 is out that seems to fix some issues I have never found :)

About ICS it seems it be avaiable for TP in January.