About this game, the people say is the best indie game until this time

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Well, the graphics are magnifics, it´s a little group from USA.

This is a grat and a very hard work, the game in  in first person, but show the deatils on the geometry, it´s very very cool.

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Iván J.



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It looks fantastic, but this is not what I call indie.
...it may be, but to me this is too professional looking to be indie.
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Well that's the fun thing about language isn't it -- definitions tend to vary from person to person.  I wouldn't call it Indie either, and yet I'm sure there's enough flexibility in the widely held view of what 'Indie' actually is to allow something like that to be called Indie. :)

Are the visuals nice? Yes, but great visuals do not make a great game.  I get sick of arguing that.  For those of us who grew up playing on 8-bit machines where realistic visuals were non-existent and you still had to use your imagination I guess we tend to see things differently...  Although...  Maybe not always.  A long-time friend of mine always goes on about visuals.  He loves his eye-candy, so much so that I've seen him buy and play games simply because they look good.  So maybe it's not something that can be successfully argued one way or another because it's all about personal preference.  Guess that could be said about most things in life though, and then where would we be?  Got to have something to argue about! ;)
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In the gaming world there are a lot of soulless games that look amazing, cost $50-$60 but simply can't deliver the fun.  I see Indie development as just development without selling your soul to the devil, i.e. financial, marketing & distribution support from a publisher. Hawken would fit that model. Hopefully it will deliver the fun too, since that is what Indie games are meant to be more reliable in doing. :)