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Off Topic / Lobby system?
I've had a look around (unsuccessfully) and wondered if anyone knew/heard of something like this?  Looking for a Lobby System (preferably open source) that uses a webserver running PHP/SQL and a client side library of some sort.  If I can't find one I might have to try and make one and that would require brushing up on very-out-of-date PHP skills.  Then there's the real fun and games that comes from trying to make the whole thing secure.  Anyway don't worry if you haven't heard of any, just thought I'd ask on the off chance that one exists.
My previous was a Nintendo Color Gameboy.  I've spent a bit of time over the past 5 years trying to find it after somehow misplacing it in a box in the shed after we moved.  I think it might be gone.  Pity, the version of Zelda I had for that was brilliant.

Anyway, I just bought a Nintendo DSi.  If I'd waited 2 weeks I could have got one of the 3D ones, but that doesn't really appeal to me.  I'd love something like the Pandora as I could make my own (hahahahahahaha!  yeah... right :)), but I'm not big on ordering electronics online from overseas thanks to my less than stellar 'luck' when it comes to brand new electronics products malfunctioning. 

Grabbed Art Academy, Dragon Quest IX and (the one I'm interested in the most) WarioWare DIY.  I know it's severely limited to short mini-games, but that's half the fun. :)

Any games for it that come highly recommended?  My taste in games is pretty broad.  Having a brief look at the list of games on Metacritic I'm guessing there's not much in the way of turn-based strategy (decent ones that is) and certainly nothing like XCom (I see Jagged Alliance, but a) doesn't sound like it reviewed well and b) I don't think you can buy it here).  Just found out you can get Plants vs Zombies on it, so that will be yet another system I have that game for. :)
School was a long time ago, I don't require this sort of thing normally, and well lets face it -- this sort of maths was never my strong point anyway, so much so I don't even know what sort of maths this is (except maybe vector related).

I have a 2D plane with x,y co-ordinates where x and y start at 0 and go up, so not the usual 4 quadrant plane you get in so many examples where x and y are capable of being negative in value.  In this case they are always going to be positive.

On that plane I have a position P with x, y value that has a known facing (an angle) and magnitude (distance/speed) to another point T, and I want to calculate the x,y coordinates of point T.

x,y                                                                              x,y?

Does that make sense or do I need to draw an actual diagram?  All the data I've given is all I have to work with.  I know I've done this sort of thing in the past, but currently I can't for the life of me work out how to do it and it's driving me up the wall...  I'm sure there's a formula that handles this.

Edit:  Ok I've attached a diagram that explains it better.  Is it just me or is the angle orientation a little weird?  This isn't in GLB btw, hence why this isn't being asked in the main section.  It's for a game engine I'm doing a mod for and I've given up trying to get a useful response from people on their forum.  Making a mod because a) I play this game a lot to relax but theres many things I want to fix and b) I'm using it to learn 3D modelling as I'd hoped (but it's not working out that way) that I could concentrate more on doing 3D objects/graphics and less on programming.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Off Topic / Intel's AppUp
Anyone know much about Intel's AppUp store, SDK etc.?  I've been looking through the FAQs on the official website and they don't really seem to give much information away.  AppUp is obviously a Steam rip-off for Atom based Netbooks, but I don't get what you have to use or how you become an 'official developer'.  Some mention of some Adobe product in there too.

Guessing it's C++, C# or something .NET.

I'm interested as a) I own one of these doohickeys now and b) I don't have to buy a Mac to develop for it.  =D

Not expecting GLB to support it though.

An answer from someone who knows something about it and has had more than 2 hours sleep would be appreciated (why can't planes arrive/leave when it's daylight?).  :bed:
Anyone else here have a netbook with this graphics chip?  Seems to run quite a few games well (eg. Plants vs Zombies GOTY runs silky smooth even with a full screen, unlike my iPod copy), but it really struggles with the Time Pilot clone I started work on ages ago and that just has a 100 dot starfield (the original version had closer to 1000 but that reduces the netbook to about 2-3 FPS).  Just out of curiosity is anything/everything in 2D hardware accelerated in GLB?  Plants vs Zombies for example runs very smooth in 3D mode which is hardware accelerated, but not as smooth in plain 2D mode.  I did try making the starfield using sprites instead of dots, but not surprisingly there wasn't much in the way of difference. :)

PS This is _not_ an attack on GLB or Gernot.  I suspect the problem is the underpowered GPU (although I can run some games pretty well), underpowered CPU, low RAM, and my really bad coding ability. :)

So any tricks, tips etc. would be handy.
This one seems odd.  My Star Pilot game which automatically adjusts to the screen size no longer draws any of the sprites when I do the following (although everything else works from my starfield to the HUD, all of which use the same screen size variables):

1. Set resolution (to anything, doesn't matter as we change it in the code with SETSCREEN) and full screen in the Project Options screen.
2. Use SETSCREEN to change it to the resolution I actually want.  Have it also select fullscreen.

Now originally I had the following:

1. Have resolution blanked out and full screen unchecked in Project Options screen.
2. Use SETSCREEN to set to the resolution I actually want.  Not fullscreen though.

That worked fine, right up until I decided to switch my game to fullscreen mode.  So when I added 'true' or '1' to SETSCREEN to make it go fullscreen I'd get this error message when I went to recompile: 'ERROR - Please set project settings for this platform'  It was to get rid of that error message that I switched to doing what I mention in the first section.

I hope this makes sense.  It has me scratching my head though.
Well what little respect some of you have for me may just fly out the window after me asking this question, but here goes... :)

I have a player space ship that sits in the middle of the screen.  It doesn't really move, but has a virtual movement speed (that is constant) and can spin around 360 degrees (so it has 'speed' and direction).  Enemy spaceships that come onto the screen also have a speed and direction (and actually move, their speed isn't virtual), but I need them to move in whichever direction they are moving in at a speed that takes into account the players virtual speed and direction ie. a certain amount of pixels per move.

eg. So if the player is moving north and the enemy is moving north (albeit slightly faster) it's going to slowly move up the screen, but if the player is moving south and the enemy is moving north, the distance between them closes very quickly as they are moving directly towards each other.

The illusion of movement comes from the starfield in the background which works fine (I can do starfields in my sleep).  I use this method because it makes adding some other bits that will be in the game much easier than if everything was actually scrolling for real.  Now I did originally have a non-working example of this with some messed up (well it almost worked, just had a bug I couldn't work out) formula of my own, but I no longer have Game Maker and in any case seem to have lost the source.

So...  Does anyone have a formula that might actually work?  I've had a look at some pages on vector maths but suspect I'm just going to make the same mistakes I made last time and that had me stumped.

Edit: Ok I've gotten some of the way with the maths, but I'm not 100% sure it is right.  Well, some of it is just not so sure I'm taking it to the right logical conclusion so I'm going to try and whack together something to test it out.

Edit:  Woo hoo!  I solved it.  Don't freaking believe it.  My maths skills are rustier than rust, but I muddled my way through understanding/working out/remembering this base level high school maths.  At least it seems to work fine in my test.  Certainly doesn't do the bizarre behaviour I remember my old test in Game Maker doing.  This one actually looks right.  Yay! :blink:

Edit: Nope... Still not right.  Ok, the first bit is, the bit where I get the x and y component of the player an enemy vectors.  What is messing up is the next bit.

Edit:  Solved.  Well I sat down with some pieces of paper and a calculator and went through it all step, by logical step.  In the end it was all pretty simple (at least the formula is), what was causing the problem was two gotcha's.  Firstly (on a 2D plane) the coordinate system my formula was working on has y+ as north, while the screen coordinate system has y+ as being south.  Secondly I had to take into account that while the player and enemy are moving in the game world, on screen the player is static in the center and only the enemy moves.  Once I got around those two it came together pretty quickly and now it all works.  Or at least it seems to.  I haven't tested all situations yet in game, but on paper I did.  You math gurus would have gotten this in seconds flat.  I'm really not terribly good at anything beyond basic arithmetic and basic use of SIN, COS etc. :)

I must admit I'm not a huge fan of their games, but I do really _REALLY_ love their graphics style.  Always have.
I must say I had no trouble (Ubuntu 10.04) installing GLBasic v7.341, then compiling the Cel Shading example as a windows program and running it.  All works beautifully under Wine.  Except for one thing.  Changing the compiler output to Linux in options does nothing.  It just compiles it for windows again.  So then I tried Build Multiplatform, but that just kept throwing a window up saying 'Removed Depreciated Platform: Linux' (actually it doesn't matter which OS you click on it will give the depreciated message).  So I'm guessing I've missed something somewhere but am not sure what.

Must say I'm awfully tempted to write my server as a windows program and just run it under Wine instead of mucking about with trying to get Linux compilation working.  Been running a game server which is written for windows under Wine recently for long periods of time without any hassles.

Anyway I might have another crack at it in the morning.

PS Should I be using 7.341 or using 8 Beta instead?