No sound pitch? Really?!

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My games look like a 2 year old drew them.
Are they really about to start sounding that bad, too!?

When do we get pitch?!

My Music Engine's impossible without it!


Highly unlikely.  If you want to use things like that - use a different sound library


The whole point of a "Buy 1, do all" purchase was so I didn't have to faff about trying 100s of addons to get the right selection of 20-or-so different ones, which may or may not work with all intended target systems, and result in the enduser having to download x/y/z dll because the one that Windows has decided to use is inevitably different to the one that's right there in the directory alongside the exe file, even though every other system in the universe manages to load the right one without having to be told every step of the way, exactly what it should or shouldn't be doing.
I dislike addons more than I dislike spikes.

Kitty Hello

The problem with pitching sounds is, that I have no real idea how to implement them in all the sound engines I use.

So far you might pitch the sounds with a wav program and save as individual samples :(


Yeah, that's ...probably.. not going to work for a music engine ;)
I'll make do until it's achievable, and will have all fingers marginally crossed until such time.

Monotonous Audio here I come!


What would be wonderful to see is a sound library that really does work on practically any platform, has a good set of features and also supports an open standard. If something like OpenAL became the sound equivalent of OpenGL the possibilities would be awesome. Unfortunately nothing out there is anywhere close to achieving that. If such a thing existed Gernot would surely include it in GLBasic.


Even SDL 1.3 looks like there are no pitch commands.  In addition, it looks like 1.3 doesn't support webOS :(

I've emailed the chappied concerned about these two points...



I'm finding myself back at that "Converting BlitzMax to Obj-C is ticking me off" point and my head's doing the whole "Monkey or GLBasic" argument again.

In the past 8 months I've written 10 compiled games, 3 iOS games and 25 PlayMyCode games.
10...  TEN..
I NEED to do more than 10 games in 8 months, that's just pathetic.
And constantly switching is winding me up.

Did this get sorted yet?

Kitty Hello

No. And the SDL library does not provide such a method, so I think it's a bit of a no-go.



The Fmod library!

FMod has pitch-shifting in that it changes the rate of playing.
I've used this for, i.e, changing the music when time is under a certain amount, like Mario games.
The speed of the sound is directly related to the pitch this way.
Hope this helps.

From the help page:

Code (glbasic) Select

Sets a channels frequency or playback rate, in HZ.

signed char F_API FSOUND_SetFrequency(
int channel,
int freq

channel The channel number/handle to change the frequency for. FSOUND_ALL can also be used (see remarks).

freq The frequency to set. Valid ranges are from 100 to 705600, and -100 to -705600.

Return Value
On success, TRUE is returned.
On failure, FALSE is returned.

Just take a look at FMod in the Projects folder.
I'm not sure about the newer versions of FMod...
Also this probably won't work on iPhone or anything portable like that
Cool stuff and whatever