Call for arms - itchio black friday

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Hello chaps, I´m checking with my fellow devs that have stuff on sale on itchio so we organize a bundle for the black friday.
We thought about putting maybe 2 games each for 50%, meybe less if we can get a bunch of people onboard. I think quantity is important here.
A friend of mine has a game with versions for mega drive (genesis) so I thought we could also consider retro stuff.
Anybody be interested?


Chaps. Up to monday to set devs up. Rest of the week to push a campaing to boot.


Sounds like a great idea! Due to health issues I'm finding coding real slow for me just now.

Good luck Erico!  :booze:



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Ian Price

Working on the frontline for the NHS, this last year has certainly drained me of all available time and energy and then some. I was permanently knackered before Covid. It's soooo much worse now.

Good luck to you all though :D
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Very good idea Erico  :good:
I would probably buy this bundle as soon as it goes on sale.

Quote from: Ian Price on 2020-Nov-17
I was permanently knackered before Covid. It's soooo much worse now.
Quote from: bigsofty on 2020-Nov-17
Due to health issues I'm finding coding real slow for me just now.
Same...  :sick:


I´m not quite sure it will be possible now, we changed payment mode on itchio to direct mode and that does not allow bundles, so we would have to switch back for it. Problem is that if I do so, all fees including US taxes reaches about 60% by the time the money gets in my hands in Brazil, and takes ages to get here, while on direct mode I get to pay 30% fees and the money is instantly available.
So there is a dilemma...

But thanks for the heads up! :)


Is something im could help here?

Howover all my games is on steam and can no longer create steam keys for Genius Greedy Mouse and Karma Miwa.

Im do might could do that with PowerUp Elevation, im do wanted to give a way for a week exclusive for you and friends doing such a bundle like this (and im do NOT want a paymant, its for service and promotion, only if its sold like insane). Im do that as a payback for your old work from Karma Miwa.

PowerUp Elevation is DRM free on Steam. So just grab the game and use that on a bundle (you are allowered to use that). Just to remember im do cant update that version of course.

Im can do a sign eventuelly and you just need to add where the game came from and where the permission came from and notify you cannot redistrubte the game (the end user meant).
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