GLBasic v16 STEAM-VERSION out now!

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Hi SF,

That's a pity about Otaku publisher...
Why not do a a new Greedy Mouse game (if not done already)?
You could post to all your previous buyers that the new game is coming etc.?

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Because its not possible to do anything more with the graphics at all, which is rather special (its was all done with real clay and was not cheated at all). Anders Klok is currectly busy with thier motion capture suit as well they also soon waiting a child. Yep, Time flies. But currectly im have no plans do anything more to that game, even its was fun! Steam was a nice market for that game and phinged in right time.

But im do perfer do another game with a another theme. PowerUp Elevation was the newest one im did code my self. Im do should do more stages to that game.

But currectly recently did some AY music work for various Spectrum Next games with Micheal Ware (as well Jim Bagley): Baggers in Space is pretty much finished (only require final testing), and he is now working to get Warhawk done as well Revival Survival (fun little arcade game, based on a Windows version that was newer finished). So Spectrum Next is quite delayed, but they did do the keyboard finally down and is soon can been mass produced, also while waiting, its does do just do have a much better sprites rutine (can display 128 sprites on a line instead of just 12) and recently a tilemap feature.

And yep this is some offtype talk, and property im should split this thread, where im started it about the bundle.
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