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I use a 4K screen and I can adjust the font size to suit but the Icons toolbar is unreadable. I think it needs updating as the windows scaler also causes it problems.
Thanks guys, I selected 800x480 in the project options. used to force landscape mode and fullscreen.
Android rotates the screen and goes into fullscreen, Ios just rotates the screen. Browsers show the 800x480, android and Ios show 800x360.
I just rewrote the bit of code and made sure is all fits 800x360.

Just struggling re-writings the same code multiple ways. Its the same buffer problem I had that spacefractal solved for me last time to stop multiple clicks. However its not working for this.
Im making a menu with numbers you click, it require 4 numbers to be entered, but if I press 7 i get four 7s.

I miss my while/wend loops.

Thanks Spacefractal. 

I spent 15min messing with the settings and it allows apps other then games to be hosted which is what I need.. I am going to have to re-write most of my program due to using a fixed resolution and general poor programming. I find writing for HTML5 far more difficult, having no examples to learn from doesn't help. I even don't understand the code I wrote years ago :o
Hi Spacefractal

How do you get the phone browser to force rotation and full screen in your games?
Thanks this worked. So simple, I started off with something similar but it got out of hand with frustration. :nw:
Going to add it to the playsound so its not  being called 3-5 times a push.
I've written loads of programs that handle the b1 on MOUSESTATE so that it only records one press at a time. however I cant get any of my code to work with HTML5-GL
without it doing nothing or crashing, all work under win32.  Every touch records about 3-5 loops. Any pointers anyone.
If anyone needs the minimal HTML code to run compiled Emscripten .js. I got totally lost looking at the HTLM code generated when compiling to HTLM5. Hope this helps

Code (glbasic) Select

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

    <canvas id="canvas" oncontextmenu="event.preventDefault()"></canvas>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
        var Module = {
            canvas: (function() { return document.getElementById('canvas'); })()
    <script src="Insert File Name.js"></script>

Wasn't really complaining about MOUSEWAIT, I used it a lot on previous project so parts of my code could be paused so I could check it was doing the right thing.
Started doing testing, I have a Zyxel NAS that allows me to web publish. I converted my old unlimited sprites demo and put it up. funny thing is it only plays music if you touch  the screen on my android phone, but OK on PC, runs fast and smooth.

I use a  4k Screen and the IDE icons are so small, luckily I can increase the font size for code.

I want to add the projects to my own web pages, any one know of a tutorial or tool that can do this?, As I said previous the GLBasic html adds 3 weird symbols at the start and the blue button menu, removing it with a text editor works to a point, but you can easily mess it up. 

I'm back, didn't really go, always checked in to see new developments.
Had a bit of a career change from working on Fire and Security systems to teaching apprentices to be qualified to do the same.
My spare time was limited so never really had a GLBasic project to work on.
Now that I can see HTML5-GL looks stable, I decided to jump to the steam version.(still worth paying twice)
After a lot of compile error and messing about I managed to get a few projects working.
I love it that things like grabsprite work, but mousewait crashes.

I've tasked myself with writing some code for teaching apps but before I start have to work everything out.

does anyone have the minimal HTML that is required to run .js / wasm. I was messing with the generated one and removed about 60% of the code, but removing code that looks irrelevant sometimes kill it.

File access is limited, will HTML5 in GLBasic be able save an image. I am thinking of certificates being downloaded for the learners.

This Game is Hard but fun,(MrPlow hard) Me and my Son spent about 1 hour playing this and can't beat the Bat.
Not 100% sure what everything does.
I know you want to keep the Items a surprise but even when I get them I not sure what they do. I know what Yellow Avocado do, but not sure whats is the yellow circle that says power.
Is there instructions that I missed in Haste?

Is the Tune in your head after probably hearing it a million times , I can hear my brain mumming it when I'm thinking. :D

If you ever change the code it maybe worth added a few seconds of invincibility after you get hit. sometimes all you hearts gets zapped especially when the bat hits you near the edge of the screen and stays on you after the shock causing another shock. maybe I'm just not that good and need it easier. :)

Hopefully this will make you some money, I've seen some indie games with no polish and poor design that sell, so this should make a mint if advertised.
Once it on steam I get my lad tell his friends about it, if I can get him off fortnite.

Credit card option worked, Payment and download all working.did $2.99(game) +$2(donation) + $0.60 (vat)

First of all the Graphics are amazing,colours perfect. I love the animation of the kids when they get hit.
This has been well thought through, the way the wind blows or rain changes the physics. The nice title bounce, the screen fade effect.

I played a few of the WAVs one of then sounded like you record the sound from a Park with kids playing in the back ground. thing like this enhance the quality of the game.

Its a bit late here but I will fully put it through it paces tomorrow,my max score is 35 but i'm to busy watching the monkeys and there faces when the get hit.

Excellent work :good: :good:

itchio store:  is the PayPal bit working?
just tried to buy and got this

Seller can't accept PayPal at this time

Looks Beautiful, and fun, Can't wait.
Wish I  had a project to do, Just can't get motivated. Not even got Steam Glbasic yet.
Yes the Amstrad version of scramble is excellent,

im just waiting for Pinball Dream on the Amstrad is finished but waiting on Rebellion who own the Rights.
No sure if Kitty Hello has given up yet with the quotes from yesterday thread
"Amazing. Can I use screenshots of this game to promote GLBasic?"

I would like to know how far he willing to go or future plans with GLbasic.

I agree that Iphone/android should not be updated to Android Studio as there not enough user even if we paid Spacefractal for his time. I still use the Android compiler and hope its not removed on future updates ( If any).

Long Live GLbasic  =D