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  While playing around with shadows and making the game run more efficient, I finally got around to updating GLbasic through a tiny weak unsecured wireless connection.  I played solitaire while I wait for the 8mb file to download.  Reminded me of the 90's...

Anyways, I decided to test things out.  I had recently added shadows, png with transparent background(not color), using some negative alpha to blend it.  So I did a little taskmanager check to see how it was going and noticed something odd.  No cpu usage. Or at least not on a scale large enough to register.

So I took this capture after moving around and achieving the heighest readout of cpu usage.  I got 1%.

In this capture, using build 7.203, I was floating in 9%-11%.  With active message drawing(very incomplete and slow code) it was about 20%.  I haven't tested this out on the new version because, well it was just junk code for plotting.

Anyways, score for the developers of GLB for achieving such a jump in performance!

This program does feel a void that was created when GM turned into more of a company(inept) venture instead of a single person.

Although the price is higher for GLbasic, its worth it to me in the portability and ease of use.

I've experienced various engines, code languages and kits in my ambition to make games, and it seems that recently I may have found my perfect tool, GLBasic.

The majority of my projects have been designed and created in Game Maker 6.1, do to its ease and powerful abilities despite what some complain about.  However, much like other engines and codes, there is limits to porting, or no porting to other OS/systems at all.

That and lately the direction that GM has taken with the creation of Yoyogames and it leaving the hands of its creator has made a soar spot for me.  Frankly the company seems like its trying to ruin an otherwise wonderful program that aides developers in design and helps you get your feet wet in programming.

But thats all behind me now as I set off into working with GLBasic.  I decided to try it out of course before I bought a license(just got the code a few days ago), and was pretty happy with how things are structured and how much control I have in my hands.  That and it seems that writing the code is pretty easy.  I can give credit to GM for helping me perfect my coding methods, and ventures into other languages.  As of late I had been using more script functions in GM and realised that I really just need something to handle basic graphics and I can do the rest.

So not too much to show as of yet, I've started to remake two projects of mine to test out GLBasic, a space shooter and an RPG game I was going to make with Mo Mini's studio for cellphones.  Now I'm considering remaking most of my concieved games for GP2X Wiz.  Although I don't have one yet to truely test what I'm doing, hopefully I can get my hands on one soon.

Rick Jason, a space shooter I originally made in the 90s using Quick Basic, later in the mid 00's I remade it with better graphics in GM.

A rpg based on a comic I did near the end of High School(99-00), I had planned and started making it in Mo Mini's studios, but it was too limited for my ambitions.

A bunch of other stuff and experiments I have done can be found on my somewhat dormant blogging site at SAWGameDesign and my often rambling blogs on 64digits

Happy to find this and am eager to remake other projects of mine using GLBasic.

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