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Off Topic / Re: Netbook Intel GMA 3150 GPU
« on: 2010-Oct-27 »
Didn't seem to work, I'll have to get that netbook online and check a few things.

Off Topic / Re: Netbook Intel GMA 3150 GPU
« on: 2010-Oct-26 »
Founds the latest drivers for the chipset.  I've been having some issues with certain functions lately, going to see if this helps anything.

I'm not entirely sure I had this problem with version 7.

Right now I'm using the latest update of 8.

On -most- computers grabsprite works like it should, but on my new netbook vs. old it exports emptiness.

I found a work around using CREATESCREEN and SAVEBMP, works about the same as GRABSPRITE except it works for the Netbook that was having the problem.

Thought I'd bring this up if anyone else has experienced something similar.

Still needs some touching up, I'll wait til it produces a little better.

Might try it with other map generation types.

Have you tried using CONTINUE and triggering the UNTIL?

What do you have going on in the loop?

GLBasic - en / Re: Does GLB run on Win98?
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
Heres one of my old demos that I tested on a OSX system, I'm not sure of the specific version.
And a more recent test

These were in the last version of 7.  I think I'm having problems again in 8, however, and haven't updated that at all yet.

Isn't repeat fairly new?

I remember when I went to 8 I had to rename a goto.

On the plus side I was happy to see a UNTIL loop.

GLBasic - en / Re: SHOEBOX generator
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
Would be nice to have detached sub tools, like the font generator.

Like little seperate exe's for better production time, then you could make a handy bat file too.

Code Snippets / Perlin-Free world generation
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
I was somehow interested in world generation, while playing Dune 2000(its free now) and wasting time.  Then I had a bunch of thoughts that eventually led me to world generation.

I'll save you from the chain-like tangent that brought me to this....

Anyway I first started looking it, checking out perlin noise.  Now I kind of get it, but then not enough to feel comfortable using.  So I started looking for, then found a nice alternative.  Unfortunatly I can't recall the link, but it had a nice few sentences that described how you can generate semi-realistic worlds with a simple alogorithm.

You start out with a world array and a stack array for storing positions.

Fill in a few random places with land and water tiles, saving those locations in the stack.

Then scan through the stack, checking 8 direction around of tile and then setting them up either land or water.  If the home tile is water, all adjacent tiles turn to water.

Code attached at the bottom, references to images in the demo above.

Its not perfect perfect, but I'm sure with a little toying around you can get it to do what you want.

Oh, and add this line after //set grassy areas in sand
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// Remove sand from grass
      IF world[sx][sy] = 2 AND (range[0] > 1 AND range[1] > 1 AND range[2] > 1 AND range[3] > 1) ; world[sx][sy] = 3 ; CONTINUE ; ENDIF

Heres a more recent screenshot/demo, I plan on uploading the updated code sometime soon.


Photoshopped the mini map into that.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
Could be a fun way to send special messages to others too.

Beta Tests / Re: Sandscape
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
Be interesting if there could be hidden messages/shapes that get revealed as you fill the screen.

GLBasic - en / Re: Does GLB run on Win98?
« on: 2010-Oct-15 »
My desktop still has win2k, it's only SP3 and works great with GLBasic.

On Macs if you use Fullscreen it will crash out.

Beta Tests / Re: Legend of Zelda
« on: 2010-Oct-12 »
Like the new update, but like the other guy said theres some issues with the enemies.  They appear in the walls, and travel to the next room at times.

How are you clearing your objects between scenes?  I'm guessing you haven't put any limits/checks to object placement yet.

Off Topic / Re: Eee PC and GLBasic
« on: 2010-Oct-12 »
I believe you have to have Professional, they kind of get you on that.  Home and Starter are not* eligible.

I tried out GLDirect 5.02 which is freeware, but a basic displaying of text crashed right after the window is created.  V8, not updated.

Code Snippets / Re: GLBasic version of incbin
« on: 2010-Oct-12 »
How about something for OSX packing?  So far it seems that an OSX distro will have its resources accessible since I haven't been able to get shoeboxes to work.

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