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Is anyone else having a few users on Playstore that cannot seem to install their apps correctly?
Some (not all) Samsung S3 models among others are not allowing users to install and I cannot see the problem myself so its hard to diagnose.

Any ideas what might the problem - the users seem to be able to leave a review so does that mean the app did install in some  way but might be hidden?
I've heard of some issues where install happens but the app itself is hidden in an apps subfolder.

Can anyone offer advice on this...
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This is property something we cant fix.

1. They could also try to clean the data as well.
2. They should checkout internal memory they have left. If its too low, then the app wont install to it at all.
3. Its can also been a aggresive anti virus that prevent a install, due Android Extras uses Google Service Ads (the whole sdk is required, even when not used).
4. You might have restricted it to some countries in Google Play Console.
5. There might been some parent control restrictions for downloading apps that uses inapp purchases?

So im thinks its more a Google Play/Carrier/Phone issue rather than glbasic/Android Extras issue. So there is many possible. But nothing im can do.
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Hmm, the anti-virus sounds plausible alright...although I am using an older version of it - prob before the google ads?

Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs