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Thanks Mental!

That tree is the exact reason I didn´t get to the beach this weekend :P
But it seems it works fine at the end.

I´d really wish I could push red+cyan on the tree to make it more ´evil´.

There is still a few quibbles to finish... The trees´ arms on floor, the spit and the gorfing all around sprites.

I best concentrate on its AI now and get it moving and alive.


Quote from: erico on 2013-Sep-09
Some 3rd boss coming out more or less just required way too much work. :(

Let´s see if I can get it alive these days.
Info on gameplay soon..


Its a pleasure show your grahics progress design... ;)

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Tks Hark0! Now deploy your game or I will have to ask your uncle Vladimir to check on your outcomes!! :D edit: you know the spice must flow!

hehe, I did a joke about ´it came from the desert´ with you and the bug you had and guess what?
I was testing my game before sleep on the caanoo and I dreamed a bug happened on mine yesterday and it was impossible to trace, seriously, I woke up quite crazy about it. Took a while to even figure out my own home surroundings.
I guess that teaches me not to joke with my friend devs... :(

Anyway, here is a video of the last boss in ´half´ action.
There are some bugs on the gfx and things look weird on the connected parts.

That wip aside, it already has some bland AI and the scramble roots works fine and are tunned.
Ya, you can´t quite just pass by samba roots without a bit of buggie woogie! ;)

I did have major trouble with code and the caanoo. I never actually coded multi part objects and my current style makes it quite messy.
It all seems ok now. Oh, the video shows caanoo´s 320x240 size, other plats will use closer to the 428x240 res.

edit: music is the awesome BASEMENT INGAME from PUFFY64, I just borrowed it cause evil tree connects with hard rock :) It is not in game unfortunantly :(


Yuhuuu!!! hey Erico the game have very very nice graphics, the kids you now I have another style, but the background are very very nice... The really cool is when arrives the Blitz, the tree begin to move, this it's a very nice point...

But I don't understando too much what happends when the tree touch the kid, only dealy de movement?¿....

I want buy now!!!  :booze: :booze: :D


Yep those are the final kids, a bit SD (superdeformed) but it matches age around 3/4 years old, when kids have big heads and tiny bodies. :good:

Fighting that last boss will always be at cloudy weather. Even with the ´cloud power´.
Otherwise, through out the game, during rain, sky can also get which case there will be thunder storm.

The samba dancing roots will scramble players if both are in touch with it. It does not decrease energy, but screw their movement.
That is one of the trees´ attacks. You can avoid it by dashing/jumping...just don´t tell anyone around here! :D

There is to be a lot more happening on that situation, but in this case, it is only a test on the boss going about.
Tree leaves are also supposed to be shaking...which I just did implement.

I want to buy it too! Buy a better coder to do this in my place!! :D :D

EDIT: maybe I should get Extremoduro to do tunes for my game?  :P :good:


too much metal, but that property im never liked the genre. howower its might work when the tree attach with the dark skys. When its light, the music should property been a more light music.

The game do looks pretty nice and cool :good:.
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Music is ´borrowed´ for the video. Game will feature different kind of music, but it should be fast. :good:


I think more rainbow Island or doing something with a Soundtracker will be more nice...

PS: I don't know if "Extremo Duro" continue playing, or they are dead  :D :D :D   , take to the door of the "Ramones"  :D :D :D


Tree advanced some bits, but nothing that MUCH important to show.
The ground attacks won´t make it, renders this boss impossible to beat :O

It is not the first time I drop ´work done´ on this game (gfx, sound and code altogether). Makes me wonder about planning and visualizing things before working on it.
What is safer? Dropping work-done or adding stuff when something is not quite well balanced from the main plan?
On that subject, I have added non-planned stuff too...on the price of fast coding it and those are the ones that get more troubleshooting bugs all around.

Both happens, I tend to believe only experience on game design can minimize it.

I have to be a while away from the project as I have to move house, and to a temporary one :(

In the is a good tutorial on how to draw pixel trees:


Don't worry the game will be finish when have to be finish, better arrives a bit later and do a nice job, than get hurry and launch all the work to the trash..,

About the tutorial it's really nice look how made PixelArt, really this have 200 times more work than 3D, and complex it's a lot of too...


Quote from: mentalthink on 2013-Oct-07
About the tutorial it's really nice look how made PixelArt, really this have 200 times more work than 3D, and complex it's a lot of too...

Specially animating that kind of stuff.

But I wonder, drawing pixels only require PAINT on windows...using a 3d package competently requires a few years of study and being able to manage millions of buttons, good notions of photography, lights, spatial modeling, materials, advanced file formats...and you still have to pack it up on the likes of PAINT or GIMP  ;)


I suppose this it's like all, take a lot of time practicing and you get a good level.. I think have to be some soft to convert images or render to nice pixel art, I find one a lot of time, but the guy don't reply to my question, but was really nice see 3D to pixel art, the soft make the job very very good.

Ian Price

Sorry, time's up. We wanna play! :P
I came. I saw. I played.


Oh no! I just inserted another coin! it resets time :O

Seriously, it is going to be 2 weeks before I´m able to continue.
I´m sure to release it before Santa though. :x

edit: It is just that, since spacefractal does not like metal songs, I´m going to take that time to manage another song style...probably something on the likes of macarena :P


It's a good date or worst for sell, I'm not sure, so I think a lot of people sell them games in this Dates...
The good notice it's near the end... I suppose we feeling something similar, after all this time making a game, when we pick our last command... I think will be something like freedoom. and I'm not joking, really this it's fukin... (sorry Ian  :D) * love * work.

About the resets times I think  it's the better when the code begins to be weigth, better realx a bit and turn again to the work fresh.

About the songs I think the best for this kind of games it's 8 bits sounds, like mario and this games... About Macarena, better use "Las ketchup", 3 girls singing something in a tongue don't exist, and only with 1 song they mades millionari, but with private airplane included...  :D :D  (Sometime I think, what fiukin...(sorry Ian  :D :D) * love * ) thinks the people around the World for like this "music")