Streaming command for texture?¿

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@Ampos, exacto Ampos, para que no haga el pequeño perón mientras se juega, ya sea para audio, 3D o gráficos, aunque para audio, creo que para las musicas seria interesante, por si se tiene un música muy larga...

Ampos si crees, que es interesante, y te apetece traducirlo, o comenarlo con un Inglés mejor, hazlo, porque como te digo, a veces no entiendo muy bien lo que escriben los Compañeros...

Un saludo Ampos y gracias...

Exact Ampos, this it´s for void the little stop int he game, if can possible load any type of media, ·D graphics, audio, I think for musics, can be very interesting have a real streaming, like in youtube, if the music it´s very large...


this language jumping  :blink: makes me crazy


@Marmor, sorry I now edit the previous post from you... :good:



He is just asking for a loading routine that loads a background while the player is playing, so he have the background prepared to be displayed when it is needed (just a horizontal scroll, load a screen, let the player play and load the next screen to be shown).



Multithreading is what he asks for :) And GLB doesn't support it natively.

Would be useful not only for loading, but for more heavy routines, for example AI ;)

If possible I would like for general  multithreading support instead of a specific command.


Kitty Hello

There is a multithreading library. But you can't call any glbasic functions in a thread w/o syncronizing. Opengl is notnthread safe.