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Computer Emuzone website starts on the 1st February 2007 the first Spanish videogame remake programming contest.

CEZ RETROCOMPO entries submit, start on the 1st February 2007, and finishes on the 31th July at 00:00 hrs. (time in Spain).

The prizes are software valued in more than 5.000 Euros (including some GLBasic packs)!!!

English and Spanish language supported in the website and the forum.

Inscriptions open to people over the World, the only condition is to remake a Spanish Classic Game.

To enter the "Retrocompo", just post your entry in the compo forum, with the name of the remaked game, the OS/Platform of the remake and the name of the remaker.

CEZ Retrocompo 2007 Website:
http://retrocompo.computeremuzone.com (push the UK flag to view the site in English)

Spanish Games List