Transfering iPhone apps

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I just has been able to compile for iPhone. The only way I have seen to transfer files us pressing build&run with the iPhone plugged.

I hace a friend with an iPad so i can get the uid of the device. Is there a wat to set him the exe so he can test?  Btw he has his iPad jailbroken so he may not need the app signed with his uid.

Is there a way go get an IPA file from the compiler?


not sure if this will help as im not sure how i did it but worth a try.

When I upgraded to OS4 on my 3gs I actually wiped the phone totally rather than just doing an update. I then ran the JB on it (use PDANet rather than pay o2 £30 a month to use my phone as a modem), re uploaded all my apps from itunes (not a restore of a backup, a total reload) and I noticed a GLBasic icon on my screen, running it I found it was a very old version of my app. At this point I had no dev keys or anything on my phone.

I suspect if you upload the app to your device, back it up in itunes, then search your itunes folder you will find an IPA file there.

Sorry I cant be more help but I honestly have no idea how I ended up with an IPA of a non signed app and this is the only way I can think of


I did find the solution:

On Mac, use the option BUILD AND ARCHIVE to get an IPA. Then copy it to the Install0us download directory on a JB iphone, et voilà.

Will test later about the anti-piracy of GLB.