glbasic as a killer game making program...

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at my company we create all kinds of games
i am useing glbasic for 2 mounths and found it to be a killer game making program.

we are going to crate games for the iphone and found that making the app and then restributine the pc,liux,mac version of a lite version increases sales.
and glbasic does that ok

im missing some key features:
camera,gps,camera roll sould be in the native glbasic api and not the external "C"
i found allot of pices of code in this forum and i think they should be merged and be part of an official glbaisc update
like the :iphone orientation, and multitasking

no other add there makes games for: pc,linux,mac and iphone as good as glbasic

glbasic rocks :nw:



the Problems you are speaking of, like extern code for iphone related additions are because glbasic provides only commands that works on all platforms. GPS, Camera and Camera Roll are iphone related and does not work on other platforms.

Lets wait for Kitty and wait for his statement.
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Kitty Hello

Exaclty. There are functionalities that are not cross platform. Thus, I won't make them hardcoded features of GLBasic. You have the option to use these libs as a plugin, though. In other BASIC languages you get about everything as a plugin, only. GLBasic provides a very lot of stuff hardcoded, but only things that are sort of cross platform. (I have some extensions that are not sooo cross platform, but which are required. Camera and GPS definitely are not).


Don´t forget to say that you will not need any external libs for GPS.
MacBook Pro 2,2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 8600M GT
Core i3 - 3,07 GHz, 8 GB Ram, 2.5 TB HDD, Geforce GTX 260+ OC


By the looks of it, accessing iPhone internal stuff is quite easy :)


But a central location for all iPhone specific routines would still be handy. 
A community iPhone library?  Or device specific libraries, including the PC.
This would make a great Wiki entry (if it doesn't exist already).
Or, an iPhone section in the Forum.
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I am a registered user of "Game Maker", PureBasic and now GLBasic Premium SDK.
Since I purchased GLBasic, I haven't touched the other two.
The main reason I use GLBasic is to make iPhone, iPad games or apps.

I didn't even know GLBasic existed until a month ago. Then I read on one of
those tech blogs that GLBasic version 8 came out, and they said you can compile
for iPhone. So I went to the GLBasic website and forum and instantly was sold!
Another reason I purchased is because I heard Kitty comes out with new features
and updates often and the Forum is very helpful!

So what I am getting at, maybe "Slydog" has something, maybe there should be
a community for IOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and maybe for GP2X/Wiz or PocketPC.

Just a thought,
(not really a Kid, just like KidRock) =D
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Oh, GLBasic is totally a killer game making program! I'm amazed its not more widely adopted.

Regarding specifically iPhone related material at a central location, that would be great and as users bunching together we could make that work. iPhone plugins should definitely not come integrated into GLBasic though. That would complicate things and it seems to be me Kitty already has his work cut out for him!

BTW I experimented with Game Maker, BlitzMax and had a brief look at Unity before settling on GLBasic. All had strengths and weaknesses but GLBasic had the best balance of speed and ease of use, especially for the kind of projects I saw myself working on. What's more, now that I'm learning how to use the Polyvector commands properly & efficiently I can envisage creating competitive games for the iPhone.

I love GLBasic


QuoteThen I read on one of those tech blogs
Which one, may I ask ?


Here is the blog:

Actually it looks like they were talking about GLBasic version 7,
anyway it got my attention for GLBasic!

Here is the other:
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Developing Tools: GLBasic SDK, Gideros Studio, PureBasic
Developing for: iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, webOS, HTML5


iknow what you mean about specific iphone dll's but i think an iphone pack will be easyer for us non c++ people

im migrating my flash work to glbasic and found glbasic to bee faster and mutch more easy to teach others.


Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Sep-21
By the looks of it, accessing iPhone internal stuff is quite easy :)

This may be true if you are already a proficient c coder but for the rest of us who read the first page marketing detail stating that you needed no c knowledge yet advertising iphone/ipod touch etc support, would it not be correct to expect exactly that. No need to ever use c or c++ or anything like that because its already there....

Personally if the iphone/ipod touch is not fully supported without having to go down the route of figuring out how to create your own c++ bits and pieces (as there is NO full explanation anywhere that shows the steps required to actually get a feature not supported directly using inline or whatever.)

In other words is there a full tutorial that explains what I would need to do in xcode to make use of an internal iphone feature or function and how I can implement or call that feature within glbasic? The full steps for a minor feature would be extremely helpful.

Perhaps one of you people who state that it is easy could offer an iphone/ipod touch extension library for sale for the rest of us.

I have read of many people saying that yes its easy and yes I have done it etc but then never release the result.

I for one would be willing to pay for these enhancements to GLBasic as I am sure many others would.

To reiterate, failing a full library for full support can someone please do a tutorial from beginning to end on how to create a simple feature not currently supported in glbasic using both xcode and GlBasic.

Thank you and I hope nobody takes this as a direct dig but rather as a friendly reminder that not everyone has the skill sets that others appear to have. Oh and remember glbasic is explicitly marketed for people like us... Not the proficient c++ coder etc.


Mike R


Have seen a lot of Purebasic ppl here :)

I've found GLbasic because of the ipod/iphone port, but as I don't agree with apple's license and still can't afford their machines... I just bought a Caanoo and hope (from deep inside my heart ) I can make games for it soon with glbasic XD It will be awesome!

GLBasic fan!


Tested anything made in GLBasic on that?
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QuoteTested anything made in GLBasic on that?
I doubt it, seeing as GLBasic doesn't yet support the Caanoo... :P
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