Compiling Problem?

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Every time I try to compile my program, it keeps compiling the last .gbas script I viewed (the mouse.gbas example that came with the program). I'm not sure why, or how to get it to compile my script. Any help would be very helpful, thanks.

By the way, cool program. Looks really easy, too bad the 3D is only for customers.


Now it just tells me that it cannot find the file "gcc.exe" or "gpc_temp.ccp", and will not run the program. This is very confusing, since I checked and gcc.exe is in the compiler folder, right where it was installed... Also, why is there a .gbas and gbap; if that has anything to do with the error, then sorry for wasting your time. Thanks (again).

Kitty Hello

Use the project wizard to create a complete project or open the .gbap file instead of just the gbas files. If you started on a new project, go to the extras/project options and give a name. Then in the file-explorer on the right side include your gbas file. Again: Better use the project wizard at startup for new projects.