14.003 HTML5 / WEBGL compilation

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They generate no files on my end, anyone getting the same?
Is there something I should do before it works?

First time HTML5 compiling said something about getting ready and that it could take a long time (coffee?)
But it didn´t last long at all.

I can post both logs, they are very huge.


Confirm no output files with error:
"Emscripten failed to generate .js: "



Kitty Hello

V 14.106 works for me.
If not, can you post the error messages?


tried with 14.106 + java script 2015-09-16 10:32, after compiling i have the following files:
1) app_name.html
2) app_name.data
3) app_name.js
seems all ok but don't work


ok now you often speak javascript and html but you noticed that from version GLB 12 onwards Html5 no longer works
The latest working version is GLBasic Version: 11.559
Is it only my problem?


Hm.. If I remember correctly some basic apps where compiled to HTML5 without problems on latest GLB 14.xxx, but there were issues with something more advanced. Now as I messed up some Java stuff for android building I'm not sure if it's that or something else, multiple warnings during compilation, and final project doesn't work - even simple ones like template for testing array speed. But I'm not concerned with that. That HTML5 target would be usefully with full support for PolyVector and all such commands, and that never worked for me. Still it would be nice to have that working even with some restrictions.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020