My latest game. A property board game.

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An iOS board game where you can build and control your own hotel empire. Users will have a blast while trying to outrun their opponents in order to purchase the best hotels. Like Monopoly? Love 6 Nights!

Download here:
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Uau, this sure looks neat!
I love what you did with the classic players pin. :good:


Ian Price

Looks great :)

Any chance of pc or Android versions?
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I'm looking into working on an Android version, due to the reason that so many people are asking me!
PC version yep sure, but where can I sell that, been doing iOS far too long and kind of lost :)

Thanks guys for feedback, all the best to everyone.

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Ian Price is supposedly a pretty good portal for selling pc stuffage.
I came. I saw. I played.


Nice! I'm working on something like this myself, except it's a property based game with cards and fighting, a lot like Culdcept.


nice to see new games and seen its a nice game. Havent played it yet. But keep up the work.

Im hope you countinue to release and dev for iOS. Im hope im can do most issues 64bit issues left fixed before 1feb deadline.
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Cool graphics, remind me a bit to Sim City , if you permet a counsil if you go to make more table games take a look to "Imperio Cobra" , it's a table game from the 80's about fantasy and warriors did in Spain.

Congrats for the game!!! and good luck in the market.


Looks like a lot of fun, good luck with the release!  :good:


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Nice concept and good implementation by the looks of it. :good:

Kitty Hello

Also consider the steam neteork for pc sales. Looks really great.

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Hi guys, been working hard to bring out v1.1, which is now live in Apple AppStore.

And thank you all for the kind replies, I will be working on a PC one for Ian and Co... in case you want to get it.

Thanks again guys, and hope you are all doing great. HAPPY NEW YEAR :)
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6 Nights is now available for Windows PC

If you do get it, hope you enjoy it.

By the way is £3.99 mean?

Thanks all. I have been asking around and they people have told me £3.99 is okay, but I am not 100% sure. Thanks.
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50% off until January 9th. so at £1.99.
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