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Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
I am hoping this will eventually be available for ordering here in the USA once they get the issues with the supply chain ironed out.  This has the potential to be the best thing since the HYDRA.
I will be getting a Fire as soon as it quits raining long enough for me to walk to the store and buy one.  I am hoping there won't be many compatibility issues with GLB.
I am curious if anybody has published something via Amazon's market?  With the way Kindle Fires are selling, this is something I would like to target.
Given how hard it is to find graph paper in my area (weird, when you consider it is a major college area), this is a really good deal. =D
Thank you, Gernot.
Off Topic / Re: web design
Gernot:  If it is any condolence, I have spent the past three weeks trying to come up with a design for my web site and I still do not have anything remotely decent looking to put online. 

The GLB site has always looked fairly good to me, so no matter what you decide upon, I am sure it will look great. :good:
Slight hijack, but since this thread seems to have run its course, I have to ask Dabz: are you liking GLBasic?
Thank you, Gernot!
Cameron:  Have you tried looking at WM_INPUT?  For Windows, since 2005, MS has recommended using only WM_INPUT for mouse and keyboard  instead of the deprecated direct input.
Quote from: Scott_AW on 2010-Oct-11
They are still selling some XP models
Any Windows 7 based machine you buy has downgrade rights to XP for about six more months.
Announcements / Re: Update
Quote from: Minion on 2010-Oct-09
Eeeep ! Another problem ! Just trird to update my version of GLB on my lappy b4 I go on hols (Im taking lappy with me). The Update states that there is a new update .... Vers 8.00000 and my old version is ver 7.34100. When I try to update this the updater crashes ;(  Any reason why ? Is there a way to get the update manually ?
Expanding on what Ian said, the updater is only for updates.  You can't use it to do upgrades.
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Oct-09
But as its only a demo program, I dont think its worth implementing.
Unfortunately, as this thread shows, an improperly coded example or demo can give a beginner (or somebody evaluating GLB before purchasing it) a bad impression and even a potential lost sale (in the case of the latter).
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Oct-08
Your FPS is over 200, whilst mine in around 70, so its possible that the program was moving faster than the radius of the collision check.
Collision should work properly regardless of the FPS ;)
Off Topic / Re: Linux editor
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Sep-23
Would you be able to get a (basic) Linux version of GPC going ?

Who are you asking?