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@Ian Price
Thanks a lot! :nw:
I will soon be getting a WIZ and seeing if I can get this all to work, I am wondering however, is there anything I need to keep in mind
when compiling to the WIZ? Or is it just like creating a desktop application? O_O
@Ian Price
Hi there, thanks for your reply.  :good:
It seems like the Steam version of GLBasic can't use old compilers :/
This requires me to buy another version of GLB :doubt: I hope Gernot can fix this problem. :nw:

Especially because I am planning to get a WIZ soon. Thanks for all your help! :good:
@Ian Price
I will have to purchase a non steam version just to compile for GP2X? Even though on the site it stated I could compile to WIZ? I cant afford that  :doubt:
Maybe Gernot can fix this?
@Ian Price
Hi there, thanks for your reply! :good:
So if more versions of GLBasic are installed at once, how can i switch to another?  O_O

(And btw, i'm using the steam version, in case that matters)
Hi there, thanks for your reply.  :good:
While i would want to compile to HTML5, i had problems doing so, i asked the forum for help, but after a while people stopped responding, leaving the probelm unsolved.
I have tried almost all v15 compilers and up until now, none of them worked.
I think the biggest problem with this is that GLBasic still advertises itself with these compilers, and if these compilers are unusable, this is misleading.
I have also tried compiling to Raspberry Pi, however this too did not work, i got a couple of error running the .bin file, but after installing GLES, SDL, SDL2 and OpenGL i was still stuck on the same error.

Anyways, back to topic, i think that either the compilers should be renewed and fixed, or the GLBasic site should be updated, because being limited to only one platform is quite concerning.
I am currently running a site with a domain for 13€ per year so i could compile my games to HTML5 and display them on my site, i bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W for 15€ and 28€ of hardware to get the pi to work, just so i could compile for the pi, also another €15 and 2 hours of travelling time to get an IPaQ so i could compile to WinCE. And because of the problems with the compilers i have not been able to compile for any of these problems, while theyre still fun consoles, still a €71 wasted.
Hi there, recently I got an Ipaq (windows pocket pc), mainly for 2 reasons, 1. because it's an fun and interesting device, and 2. so I could create apps for it using GLBasic, however I soon came to realise that the WinCE compiler is outdated (i think). I was also interested in getting a GP2X Wiz, however, the Ipaq was already a huge letdown.

GLBasic is still being advertised with support for these platforms on the site, so when I got GLBasic this was a bit of a letdown :zzz: . I thought that instead, I could switch to an older version of GLBasic; but currently I havent found out how to do so, or if that's even possible, especially because I am using the Steam version of GLBasic.

After only building applications for Windows, I was really hoping I could build to another platform, but no luck as to of now :/

If anyone can help me with this, please let me know!  :good:
Hi there, i am working on a small site and i was planning on releasing some games on there, so i was wondering if i could still export to html5, however, after i compiled the program i only got a dummy html file, and an empty distribute folder.

Is it still possible to export to html5 or am i doing something wrong?
Hi there, i am creating a small top down multiplayer game that uses networking, which is why i dont feel like virtual screens do the trick  :doubt:
Not just that but i might also want to add some zooming for the camera aswell.

Viewports are indeed usefull of camera controls however, i dont feel like its exactly what im looking for, also because i might implement an endless map, and since viewports cant have a negative width and height, i dont think the map can be infinite when you use viewports.

This is why i think its better to shift everything but the player, or better yet, move the player and shift the origin of the screen.
However when it comes to platformers, Viewports are the way to go! Thanks a lot for showing me this function  :good:

Anyways, about shifting the origin of the screen, maybe i should post a feature request for this since this can be extremely usefull. And i have also decided to maybe write a couple  functions to simulate this.  =D

Either way, thanks a lot for your help!  :)
Hi there, this was my original take on simulating a camera, however if you can shift the origin of the screen you can do just that :) Is there a function for this? Or will i have to write something myself?
Hi there, thanks for all of your replies, however I have not been able to use viewports to create a 2d camera, I'm not quite sure how its possible to use viewports for something like that since as far as I'm aware its just picture in picture rendering or am I wrong? I have tried messing around with it however I cant get it to show offscreen sprites which is what I need for making a camera  :doubt:

If you know how I can use viewports or createscreen to make a 2d camera then I would love to, however I'm not sure how.

My take on a 2d camera is that maybe if you shift the origin of the screen you can simulate a camera, is there a function for this?

But either way, thanks a lot for your help so far  =D
Hi there, how exactly do I use a viewport for cameras, I have messed around with viewports and I am still quite confused as to of how they work.
Hi there, i am working on a small game that uses a camera, i got some nice movement down however i havent got the camera working yet, i could just move everything but the player, however i thought that instead i could be moving the origin of the screen, which is normally at the top left of the screen. is there a function or library for this? Or will i have to think of something else myself?
sadly not, here is the error message;

Quote*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.15.394 SN:1e80bd95 - 3D, NET
"glbox2d.gbas"(35) warning : GPC1001 probably unassigned variable : screenWidth
"glbox2d.gbas"(35) warning : GPC1001 probably unassigned variable : screenHeight
"glbox2d.gbas"(43) warning : GPC1001 probably unassigned variable : mbr
Wordcount:68 commands
In file included from C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\sim_box2d.cpp:11:0:
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2PolyContact.cpp: In member function 'virtual void b2PolygonContact::Evaluate(b2ContactListener*)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2PolyContact.cpp:53:45: error: 'memcpy' was not declared in this scope
  memcpy(&m0, &m_manifold, sizeof(b2Manifold));
In file included from C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\sim_box2d.cpp:12:0:
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2CircleContact.cpp: In member function 'virtual void b2CircleContact::Evaluate(b2ContactListener*)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2CircleContact.cpp:54:45: error: 'memcpy' was not declared in this scope
  memcpy(&m0, &m_manifold, sizeof(b2Manifold));
In file included from C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\sim_box2d.cpp:13:0:
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2PolyAndCircleContact.cpp: In member function 'virtual void b2PolyAndCircleContact::Evaluate(b2ContactListener*)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Dynamics/Contacts/b2PolyAndCircleContact.cpp:54:45: error: 'memcpy' was not declared in this scope
  memcpy(&m0, &m_manifold, sizeof(b2Manifold));
In file included from C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\sim_box2d.cpp:25:0:
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp: In constructor 'b2BlockAllocator::b2BlockAllocator()':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp:63:52: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope
  memset(m_chunks, 0, m_chunkSpace * sizeof(b2Chunk));
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp: In member function 'void* b2BlockAllocator::Allocate(int32)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp:120:62: error: 'memcpy' was not declared in this scope
    memcpy(m_chunks, oldChunks, m_chunkCount * sizeof(b2Chunk));
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp:121:79: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope
    memset(m_chunks + m_chunkCount, 0, b2_chunkArrayIncrement * sizeof(b2Chunk));
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp: In member function 'void b2BlockAllocator::Clear()':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Common/b2BlockAllocator.cpp:202:52: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope
  memset(m_chunks, 0, m_chunkSpace * sizeof(b2Chunk));
In file included from C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\sim_box2d.cpp:36:0:
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Collision/b2BroadPhase.cpp: In member function 'uint16 b2BroadPhase::CreateProxy(const b2AABB&, void*)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Collision/b2BroadPhase.cpp:260:100: error: 'memmove' was not declared in this scope
   memmove(bounds + upperIndex + 2, bounds + upperIndex, (boundCount - upperIndex) * sizeof(b2Bound));
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Collision/b2BroadPhase.cpp: In member function 'void b2BroadPhase::DestroyProxy(int32)':
C:\Users\Bluepixel\Desktop\box2dinterfaceinglbasic\box2dtest\Box2D/Source/Collision/b2BroadPhase.cpp:340:104: error: 'memmove' was not declared in this scope
   memmove(bounds + lowerIndex, bounds + lowerIndex + 1, (upperIndex - lowerIndex - 1) * sizeof(b2Bound));
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 13.4 sec. Time: 11:10
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***
I will be creating a small physics sandbox with a level editor, for example you can build a small car contraption with boxes, and possibly polyvectors, and make it roll down a hill. Possibly some ragdolls in the game too, maybe not a "too" complex project, but afterwards I can add more gameplay mechanics to make the game more interesting. I think my biggest struggle with making my own physics engine is collision.
Sadly I havent been able to get Box2D working yet, do you know if there are any other 2d physics engines for GLBasic?