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Announcements / vision3d
in the showrrom the first screen
of  the new version of vision3d
Release is scheduled for august 2006.
Exact date is not yet decided.
Announcements / vision3d
new version width small change

vision3d 1.1

- new select files
- select background
- capture screen

download in the showrrom
My commands do not work

SHELLCMD ("mkdir test", FALSE , TRUE, rv)
SHELLCMD("cmd /mkdir test", TRUE, FALSE, rv)
SHELLCMD("cmd mkdir> test", TRUE, FALSE, rv)
How to create a directory with "SHELLCMD" under xp

ex:MKDIR directory
Announcements / vision3d
Vision3d my first sample for glbasic
GLBasic - en / wait
How to replace the command " wait " with glbasic

ex: wait 100
GLBasic - en / .ddw
How to create a .ddw file
Thank you for the speed and the quality of the example
I do not arrive has to use this function(office), can you make me an example
Thank you
Can you explain me the functioning of X_SETTEXTUREOFFSET
how to use files.jpg with objects 3d
how to have several textures with only one file.ddd
the .dda file format  in the new version of 3d object converter.


I added the .dda file format loader module to my program and I uploaded the latest developer package to my web page.

You can download it using the following link:


I think it is bad description:

> # now the vertices
> # n p1 p2 px ... t1 t2 tx ...
> # n = number of points for surface
> # px = index of position vertex (see below)
> # tx = index of texture coordinate (see above)
> 3  0 0 3 1 2 2 # nxyz nuv ...

The good description:
n p1 t1 p2 t2 p3 tn