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Multithreading is what he asks for :) And GLB doesn't support it natively.

Would be useful not only for loading, but for more heavy routines, for example AI ;)

If possible I would like for general  multithreading support instead of a specific command.

I believe this has to do with the fact the light in glbasic is per-vertex and not per-point.

So, if per-vertex, the more detailed is the object the better.

I believe.. lol
Run the app with ./ before. eg: ./app.linux

That will tell you what are the libs missing :)
Quote from: spicypixel on 2011-Oct-25
@Antonio this is for PolyVector sprites and not 3D objects bud.

Ups... disregard my post then =)
Isn't there a way to set the object material?

This type of effects (darken, lighten, etc) is achieved by the object's material  (ambient, diffuse, specular and emissive).

Basically, materials configure how the object will reflect the lights. We can even set part of the object to glow while the other parts are dark (ex: a house by night with the windows glowing because of the inside lights?)

For me only works if I click in the line numbers.

Quote from: ampos on 2011-Oct-18
Quote from: AMateus on 2011-Oct-18
And then DELETE command is used and the app crashes =D

Code (glbasic) Select
if youwanttodelete=true
   dec n
   delete v

:nana: :nana: :nana: :nana: :nana:

Anyway, from the manual:

"While in 3D mode, only objects or parts of objects that are between znear# and zfar# relative distance to the camera will be drawn."

We just need to know if the engine also culls objects *outside* the viewport ;)


Frustum Culling is used to remove the objects outside the View Frustum (the visible area). So, to answer your question, no, it don't make nothing. The whole 3D scene is rendered first, and then the 2D on top of it.

More Info:

And then DELETE command is used and the app crashes =D

Can we do like this? I'm not sure (i mean, compare ref with the i element)

Code (glbasic) Select

foreach v in var[]
   print GetRefId(v), 0, 0

function GetRefId: ref
    FOR i = 0 to BOUNDS(var[],0)-1
    if ref = var[i]
        return i
I don't think so... At least I didn't find any.

What is the purpose?

Very nice indeed :)