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I'm new to GLB and trying to convert a game I wrote in another Basic dialect which uses a 6 dimensional array as a primary data structure.  It appears there is a 4 dimension limit in GL Basic.  I thought of using Types to address this and was wondering if multidimensional arrays can be handled as variables in a Type, and what the limits are regarding associating chains of variables with Types.  I'm a complete novice so if someone can point me in the right direction to learn about this (other than just trial and error) I'd appreciate it.     
I am new to GLB, was working in SiMPLE where there are graphics primitives like "solidcircle()" and built in support for drawing ellipses etc.  Is there no 2D support in GLB for anything more than line or rectangle?  If you need a circle, do you have to use other software to create it (as a sprite)?