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@ neseir !
Man... THANKS A LOT, I was trying to make my own function using b2MouseJoint, but I was totally lost, and everything was going wrong... then when I thought I'd be ok, I couldn't make one variable get seen in the main loop..... and yes, you saved me :D

Btw, how can we declare some variable to be seen through source files? Just so I don't fall in the same mistake next time T_T , I mean, c++ var using INLINE and stuff ?
Much waited! :D Very good news, thank you!  :nw: <3
very cool :)
I have been writing stuff for caanoo with BennuGD but it's ugly and boring to work with... and probably a lot slower.
Happy to know that there is hope for the Caanoo  :booze:
Finally, I have it with me. And the word for the Caanoo is 'Awesome'. Really, very cool...
It's just a little annoying to get thing working from, the PCManager seems very buggy yet, but I think they are doing their best at the moment...
With open emulators, roms, and other games, it's everything ok... very cool  <3

I've read somewhere that few apps, not all, would run on caanoo even if compiled for wiz... well, can't seem to make it work... maybe it's just a lie...
FAQ / Re: How to wrap a DLL
It's working, thank you!
At first i thought you were getting an address but then i figured it would come like 0xSOMETHING, so it might not be the case of dereferencing it...

Are you using the Box2D port that they have in the forum? Because if you are, maybe there might be a way of doing what you want without going into the evil "C" :S
Won't the Newton SDK work on iPhones ? :noggin:
They are still needed here, at least in the examples where it goes out of the __GLBASIC__ namespace
like before this:

Code (glbasic) Select

namespace __GLBASIC__ {

and this kind of thing must be in the end of the code?
(Hmm, maybe I've just answered my own question? :S)
EDIT: But if I didn't, someone explain it to me, please x)
Quote from: Moru on 2010-Oct-02The @ in front of the dummy function is only there so the function doesn't clutter up the list of functions in the right window.

This is what I thought :)

I understand it must be there before you use C code... I just wanted to know why x)

Thanks Moru!
Hi everybody...

Can someone explain me the use of dummy functions?

1-why/when to use it

2-is it necessary to use a @? because i've tried without it and it still works, so whats that for?

3- how it changes the C++ code behind the scene? (not that i would understand everything, but..)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: i had a look at some threads and the help file, but couldn't find what I'm looking for about dummy functions :/
I feel so young here.. Lol... when i started it was already a PC  :whistle:

I had a first experience using Mirc scripting to make nasty and lammer stuff on irc channels...
Then liked flash and the actionscript for a while...
Then started learning VB, pascal and lua
Then delphi was my beloved for few years, till i find about B3D
After B3D i thought i had to learn something usefull like C but it was a bit hard for me, so I went for Purebasic and now GLBasic :)
Got back to C/C++ and it's not as hard as i thought but still have some issues with it...
Now i left Psychology and entered Computer Science
(I use to 'learn' mainly from the internetz or books)
Messing with the SDK, It comes with an example for codeblocks with build targets to windows and gp2x, I couldn't even make the windows one work  :giveup: I'm so stupid when dealing with c/c++  ::)
But the code mentions wiz a lot, It doesn't seem very different from wiz sdk, besides the vibration and 3g sensor commands...
FAQ / Re: How to wrap a DLL
Sorry, but I couldn't make it work :/ could you give me a code example for this DLL for instance?
(I'm trying to follow this tutorial but still doesn't work, I'm sure I'm missing something...)
Code (glbasic) Select
;//its Purebasic code

ProcedureDLL MyTest(arg$)
   MessageRequester("MyTitle", arg$)   

I'ts not decorated inside the dll, I think... it's just "MyTest"