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Hi, I have downloaded and tried the lite version. Can I make a suggestion to you. I sat and waited for level 2 to load. 3:30 seconds later I gave up. Then I thought just now try again. And it still took ages before I suddenly thought tap the screen and there was level 2.

The level screens should help idiots out like me. lol. I thought it was broken and just would not load level 2.

In an update I would recommend that you add tap screen to continue at any suitable points.


Mike R
GLBasic - en / Re: Newbie
I would also love a mac ide for glbasic. :)

Just wanted to say as well that I have been testing out the demo and am very impressed. Only thing I would like is a way to test my app in the iphone simulator. I know its to do with Apple rules etc but surely there must be something I could change in the code locally on my mac to get it to run in the simulator?

Anyway I will be purchasing the premium version within the month. Possibly two licences.


Mike R